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Space Invaders Extreme (DS) artwork

Space Invaders Extreme (DS) review

"The old series are getting a comeback, Pac-Man, Mario, Galaga, etc. They are also getting remade for the current generation of consoles and handhelds. Taito is celebrating Space Invaders 30th anniversary with a BANG with the release of Space Invaders Extreme, same old game with a new twist. "

The old series are getting a comeback, Pac-Man, Mario, Galaga, etc. They are also getting remade for the current generation of consoles and handhelds. Taito is celebrating Space Invaders 30th anniversary with a BANG with the release of Space Invaders Extreme, same old game with a new twist.

If you have played the original Space Invaders or any of its clones or spin-off, you know that you have to shoot those invaders until there is none on the screen. In Space Invaders Extreme the main game is basically the same, but this time you will proceed through Stages in which you will pass through different screens of enemies until you get to the Stage’s Boss. Then, after finishing the stage you will have the choice to make your path through the game, either easier or harder, but no matter which one you choose it will deliver a challenge tough to beat at first. Even experienced gamers will have a tough time finishing the game completely, especially with Extreme mode which is hard as hell which offers a greater challenge.

The Invaders have improved their arsenal and maneuvers over the years and will cause you trouble whenever they have too, which is most of the time. Luckily, you also have a trick up your sleeve. You can make use of Power-ups in this game, lasers, multi-shots, bomb shots and shield protection. These can be obtained by shooting 4 same colored Invaders in a row and the Power-ups will help proceed through the game and make stuff a little bit easier, but be careful with what Power-up you choose, it sometimes can act against you.

Another thing that puts this game ahead its predecessor is the graphics and music. These are not you regular 2-bit sprites from 30 years ago, this game asks nothing graphic-wise and the background visuals are pretty hypnotizing. The music in this game is a factor in game play too. This game reminds me of those cult classic games “REZ” and "Space Channel 5" that combine shooting with rhythm action game play. Even though the music is not that big a factor, it will keep you concentrated with those amazing trance beats, and it will help you get your rhythm on to shoot down those Invaders.

Other than the main Arcade mode, there is also Ranking mode and Stage mode. In Ranking mode you play to get the highest amount of points in a stage in either Normal mode or Extreme mode. You can upload your scores to the internet ranking via Wi-Fi Connection and compete for that 1st place worldwide. Though if you need practice for to achieve those high score, that is what Stage mode is for. Stage mode serves you to practice those levels you already have been through in Arcade mode, so this will help you get through the main game or practice to get high scores for Ranking mode.

If you want some multiplayer action, there is 2 player matches in Versus mode via DS Download play, in which you only need one cartridge to play, or with Nintendo’s Wi-Fi Connection. You basically play a non-stop stage where the Invaders keep on coming until someone loses by the usual method, an Invader getting to the bottom of your screen. You can also see how the other playing is doing by watching your top screen. Unfortunately there are not other modes of game play other than that, still it can be pretty entertaining for awhile.

This is a game that you will probably overlook when going to your favorite game store browsing for you next purchase, but if you do see it please do not let yourself out of a new experience in retro gaming. Space Invaders Extreme isn’t your dad’s old game; this is truly a new game for this generation. The music, the graphics, the challenge, everything in this game makes it worthwhile. And besides, at a budget price, how can you go wrong?

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Community review by deft (August 05, 2008)

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