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Lemonade Stand (PC) artwork

Lemonade Stand (PC) review

"At this point, the game becomes pretty unrealistic - you earn in excess of $50000 a day in lemonade sales, which is pretty impossible unless your clientele includes Bill Gates, The Donald, and Ross Perot."

Lemonade Stand was one of those great ''educational'' computer games that I was forced to play throughout Elementary and Middle School. However, unlike another educational gaming favorite, The Oregon Trail, Lemonade Stand is an extremely boring game for several reasons.

In Lemonade Stand, you're the owner of a small lemonade stand in a crowded area. It's assumed that you're a child, since this game is for educational use. Your parents give you a little bit of money to start out with, and then it's your job to buy sugar, lemons, and other materials needed to make lemonade. You also control your prices that you sell your lemonade at. Too much, people won't buy, too little, too many people will suck into your supplies and you won't cover expenses.

All of the gameplay is controlled by text menus. There's a little bit of reading involved, but not too much due to the nature of the audience. As a result, there's not a whole lot of interactivity involved. This makes its value today significantly downgraded.

And what little gameplay it has left isn't that great. If you're over the age of five, you'll quickly realize the laws of supply and demand and set appropriate prices. Once this happens, it's not that hard to become a lemonade mogul. At this point, the game becomes pretty unrealistic - you earn in excess of $50000 a day in lemonade sales, which is pretty impossible unless your clientele includes Bill Gates, The Donald, and Ross Perot.

The ''graphics'' in the game are downright miserable. A CGA monoitor is required (meaning at least four colors), however, there's only three colors used in the game. The red colors they chose? Green, yellow, and black. All the text that you have to read is squished and green, making for a rather uncomfortable gaming experience. Little kids are more likely to get eye damage from this game than educational value and entertainment.

There is no music in this game, and there are also no sound effects.

Overall, Lemonade Stand seemed like a great game... When I was seven, in the first grade. However, by present day standards, Lemonade Stand isn't much of a game at all. If you have little kids and you want them to learn from something that will keep them engaged and interested, look past this relic.

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zippdementia posted January 13, 2009:

But... but... it's Lemonade Stand!

I'm not sure nostalgia would let me see clearly on this one.

There's some strange gramatical errors in this review, but I doubt anyone actually cares. After all, it's Lemonade Stand.
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Masters posted January 13, 2009:

I miss Bobo. Sigh.

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