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Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation
Tags: RPG
Developer: Game Arts
More Platforms: Saturn
AKA: Lunar: Silver Star Story (JP)

Staff Reviews

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete review

Review date unknown

James Gordon says: "The voice acting in the cutscenes can sound a little bit annoying, but so what? And it comes with a full soundtrack! How convenient. There are 2 songs in the game that have real singing, in english!"
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Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete review

Review date unknown

Lassarina Aoibhell says: "Each character has conflicts to resolve, both outer and inner--such as the, uh, tempestuous relationship between Jessica and Kyle . . . Also, something else I appreciated is the fact that the characters were mainly original, and not stereotypes."
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Reader Reviews

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete review

Reviewed February 04, 2006

djskittles says: "A boy on a quest, an attractive love interest, and a world in peril certainly aren’t original RPG themes, but Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete contains all these clichés. Originally for the Sega CD, and later making appearances on the Gameboy Advance and Sega Saturn, this dated game shines on the PSone for a variety of reasons despite the lack of any real innovation. Honestly though, can you expect anything other than old-school goodness from a classic originally released back in 1992?..."
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Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete review

Reviewed August 20, 2009

dragoon_of_infinity says: "Modern day RPGs could stand to learn something from Lunar, though it's not immediately obvious why. It's a PSX remake of a game with graphics that would be embarrassing on the Super Nintendo, and a battle system that was already standard fare when it originally launched on the Sega CD. What could such an old fashioned title possibly show our modern huge budgeted masterpiece? Well, all that pizzazz aside Lunar is a game that's good for the soul. "
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Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete review

Reviewed September 03, 2003

lywellyn says: "LUNAR: The Silver Star Story Complete is a game that was originally for the Sega CD, but was remade to be played on the Playstation. The Playstation remake has better FMVs, clearer music tracks, and other nifty features over it's Sega CD counterpart. I must say, this game was one of those that made me laugh, ticked me off, and challenged me to no end. So, I liked it! ^_^ "
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