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Blood (PC) artwork

Blood (PC) review

"Basically, Blood is an average first person shooter that relies on gimmicks (kicking severed heads, oodles of gore, having the name of ''Blood'') to seperate it from the other games."

If you don't like DOOM or excessive amounts of blood, you can stop reading this review or even think about buying this game. If you ARE a fan of DOOM or Quake though, you might want to give Blood a spin.

The story behind blood is typical 1st person, uninteresting crap. You have to banish the undead from the world. There's quite an array of the undead too, so you'll need some cool weaponry.

You start out with a pitchfork, but you can expand to a flare pistol, tommygun, dynamite, napalm, and a shotgun. Some of the weapons have nice effects (dynamite, napalm) but they're generally not very awe-inspiring. There's not even a wide array, and there's more in DOOM.

The enemies are hard, maybe a bit too hard. Even on normal difficulty, the zombies will take away around 10 to 20 health with each hit. This can be a huge problem when the only weapon you have is a pitchfork, which is only effective at close range. They also take far to many shots to put down. It takes 3 shots from a flare pistol to put down a zombie, and the zombie is the weakest enemy in the game.

This game isn't entirely DOOM. It's more of a ''tweener'', with a little better engine than DOOM but not as good as Quake. It's typical first person shooter, but you can jump in the game. The jumping isn't handled paticulararily well, as you jump up and down too fast.

Blood relies on gimmicks to seperate it from the pack of first person shooters. After you kill an enemy, you can kick around it's severed head. There's literally gallons of blood flowing throughout the game. This is not for the weak of heart.

Most of these gimmicks do little to make it better then DOOM or Quake. The levels aren't designed as well, and the game isn't as balanced. Enemies are far too powerful and you'll blow yourself to smithereens with dynamite from close range.

Sometimes in the game you'll swear you're playing a DOOM wad (wad = add-on file). A common problem is to see around 7 or 8 enemies and no ammo is sight. Just how it's not fun to attack cyberdemons in DOOM with your fists, it's no fun to take on the big nasties in Blood with a pitchfork.

Blood is available to play for multiplayer on most networks, but it's hard to find a game anywhere except on the MPlayer Shareware Blood room. You're not missing a whole lot, as Blood multiplayer is very buggy and constantely crashes. There is also a lot of lag and is generally not an enjoyable experience at all.

The graphics need some major work. Aside from the cool animation of kicking a severed head, there's little to save this game. It's not much better then DOOM, and it's not as good as Duke Nukem 3-D.

The music and sound effects are nothing special. They pale in comparsion to the errie sounding midis of DOOM, although I do like it better then Quake's default music. Effects are quite well, although I think hearing the ''squish'' noise of a pitchfork ripping through a zombie chest is a bit much.

Basically, Blood is an average first person shooter that relies on gimmicks (kicking severed heads, oodles of gore, having the name of ''Blood'') to seperate it from the other games. It can't hold a candle to the true classics (DOOM, Quake, and even Hexen IMHO). However, you might want to give it a whirl if you're a big fan of the first person shooter game and feel the need for lots of unessecary gore.

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