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Koudelka (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation
Tags: RPG
Developer: Sacnoth


Koudelka (PlayStation) screenshotKoudelka (PlayStation) screenshotKoudelka (PlayStation) screenshot

Reader Reviews

Koudelka review

Reviewed March 08, 2004

bloomer says: "A young black-clad woman trots on horseback through the dismal green-grey landscape of turn of the nineteenth century Wales. A soprano cries a monk's hymn in the background. Chimes are struck, and the funereal rumble of a drum suggests that this woman's journey will lead into mystery, or her doom. "
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Koudelka review

Reviewed October 28, 2011

JoeTheDestroyer says: "I can only guess that it was Koudelka's lack of polish that scared off the popular crowd, but its merits far outweigh its superficial flaws. Make no mistake, Koudelka is a stellar dark RPG with a great story, one that was sadly overlooked."
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Koudelka review

Review date unknown

mac says: "Koudelka has a similar look and feel to a survival horror game; Except there are random encounters while exploring the monastery and the battles are duked out in a strategy RPG format on a 7x7 grid. "
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Koudelka review

Reviewed June 09, 2007

peterl90 says: "In a time where RPGs became mainstream due to the success of Final Fantasy VII, the Playstation was in its glory days. With the success of Final Fantasy VII came some other great RPGs for the Playstation. Breath of Fire III, Parasite Eve (though not really considered an RPG to some), Final Fantasy IX (yes, even a Final Fantasy game). However, in the shadows of these games lurked an epic gothic horror RPG released by Sacnoth, a company of ex-Square employees. Although it's not as popular or well ..."
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Koudelka review

Reviewed October 07, 2008

psychopenguin says: "The great thing about Koudelka is the atmosphere and storyline. This is not your typical Japanese RPG with cheery graphics and a cutesy storyline with a bunch of children. This game takes place in a haunted castle in 1898, and you control three characters who not only are adults, but also very mature. It's nice to see that in a RPG for a change. There's also a bunch of great scenes as you really get to see the characters develop, and the main villain is up there with Eve from the Parasite Eve ga..."
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Koudelka review

Reviewed October 03, 2020

Pyro says: "Wale(s) of a Horror Tale"
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Koudelka review

Reviewed April 24, 2013

TomatoMan says: "Occasionally, I am overcome by the urge to try something different. When it comes to video games, “different” is precisely the sort of term that someone might use to describe Koudelka. Another apt label is “interesting,” thanks to the variety of good ideas that the developers implemented. Perhaps the game’s most noteworthy quality, though, is the way that it combines familiar survival horror and RPG elements to create a unique new experience with the potential to be truly special."
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