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Super Bomberman (SNES) artwork

Super Bomberman (SNES) review

"It might be hard for some of the youngsters to believe, but back in the good ole day, games that weren't 3-D were actually (gasp!) FUN to play."

It might be hard for some of the youngsters to believe, but back in the good ole day, games that weren't 3-D were actually (gasp!) FUN to play. In fact, some of them are STILL fun to play. Super Bomberman is one of those games.

In Super Bomberman, you play the role of the character that the game's name would suggest - a bomberman. In the single player game, you have to defeat all the enemies in a stage and then find the exit. You do this by clearing blocks on a side-scrolling grid with your unexhaustible supply of bombs. As you uncover blocks you will also find various forms of powerups.

The bombs you control set off explosions in a cross pattern across a grid. A small jet of fire occurs when a bomb blows up. Anything caught in the path of the explosion (including you) will be damaged. When you first start out, the range of your bomb is only one square, but with each flame'' powerup icon you collect your range is expanded by one. Besides this powerup, there are other useful ones, such as running shoes (increased speed) and the detonator, which allows you to trip bombs when you desire.

The enemies in the game are fairly pedestrian. Most have easily learned patterns, occasionally throwing projectiles. The bosses at the end of every few stages are much tougher, but still easily beatable. An average player will be able to rack up high scores in the single player mode, and defeating the game is not a strenuous activity.

Finding the exit itself can be a bit tricky. In each stage, it's hidden behind blocks. So unless you've played the stage before, you could be looking for a long time. The exit won't open up until you defeat all the enemies in the level either. Bombing the exit will result in even MORE enemies being thrown into the level.

All-in-all, the single player aspect of the game is fairly simply, and fairly fun. If all that was in the game was the single player aspect, Super Bomberman would probably get around a six or seven, an average but not outstanding game.

Multiplayer changes all of that. Hudson (the published of the game) must have known they had a gem with this game in the multiplayer aspect. They included a free multitap in each copy of the game. With the multitap, anywhere from one to five (or eight, if you had two multitaps) people could sit at one television and play.

Four player bomberman is pandemonium. Words can't accurately describe the fun experienced. Four good buddies bombing on each other and talking smack is the recipe for a good afternoon of fun.

Graphically, Super Bomberman is not extremely technologically advanced. ''Bright'' and ''colorful'' are the two words that would describe it the best. It has the look of a kiddie game, but it's not sickingly kiddie. Sounds and sound effects are the usual variety for a Super Nintendo game. Nothing outstanding, but nothing that will make you rip the cart out of your system and use it as a coaster.

Because it is a Super Nintendo game, Super Bomberman can be found for anywhere between 5 and 30 bucks, depending on where you shop. At any price, this game is an excellent buy, and should be in any hardcore gamer's library.

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