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Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation (PlayStation) artwork

Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation (PlayStation) review

"This game dosn't deserve a intro. "

This game dosn't deserve a intro.

(A slightly biased review by a Nintendo Fan Boy)


The only things that looks good in the game is the CG movies and the Lara model. Thats it, all other things are blocky beyond belief. I think the animators spent so much time animating Lara and the CG movies that they forgot to make the game LOOK good.


I thought Shadowman for the 64 has some weird controls, and it took awhile to get used to. But I DID get used to it, and it turned out for the best. Not here, take Shadowman and hit it with a ugly stick for 5 hours, thats Tomb Raider 4.

Ok, I see a vine I want to climb. Now, in games like Donkey Kong 64 I just jump onto it and climb up. Not here. I just jump, press action, keep holding it, press the swing button, jump off. If that worked, it would be one thing, but it doesn't. It might takes 8 tries to grab the vine. That goes with ledges to, and miss half the time. Plus the game is so slow moving it's boring....

Then I have to line up with the I press right. Lara jumps five feet to the right....NO! I press L1 to tip toe, but the camera angles make it impossible to line up easily....

I hate the controls. And the analog stick is even harder to control! Why couldn't they just make it like Zelda or Mario???? You go in the direction of the stick?

On top of all that, I don't see what you have to do. Now before you bash me and say, ''Play more of the game, then you'll see what to do.'' I don’t want to. I've been exploring the caverns with now idea what I'm supposed to be doing! I just open locked doors, solve puzzles and avoid traps....

SOUND 1/10

No music. Why? I don't get it. If there was music, then it would make the game less dull if you ask me.

STORY 1/10

Well, the game starts off as a teenage Lara raids a tomb with her teacher. After a terribly boring ''Training'' sequence, the teacher gets trapped in the weird tomb, and Lara leaves.

Then, without ANY explanation, were some odd years in the future, and Lara is the good `ol, bouncey self. She enters this tomb. Why? I have no idea. I assume to look for the old teacher, but it doesn’t say as much. I fliped though the awful manual to see if there was a story, but I just saw ads for Tomb Raider 1, 2, 3 and Gold. Geez....


HA! I doubt I'll ever play this game anymore unless my Nintendo 64 and it's great games blows up!


Are you kidding?

Honest Gamer score (50)

If given the time, I'm sure Tomb Raider 4 would be a average game, but I hate bad controls, no music......this is just a really milked series. I heard that Tomb Raider 5 is in the works for the PSX....

God help us all.

-review by Joseph Blanchette-


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