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Conker's Bad Fur Day (Nintendo 64) artwork

Conker's Bad Fur Day (Nintendo 64) review

"Yes, Conker was in Diddy Kong Racing. Yes, he was in Pocket Tails. And yes, he is the star of the poo filled, parody filled, adult themed NINTENDO 64 game, Bad Fur Day. "

Yes, Conker was in Diddy Kong Racing. Yes, he was in Pocket Tails. And yes, he is the star of the poo filled, parody filled, adult themed NINTENDO 64 game, Bad Fur Day.

Note: Although it might not seem like it from this review, Conker is NOT FOR CHILDREN!


I say this a lot, but Conker has the best graphics on the 64. Only Rayman 2 comes close. And this is without the Expantion Pak. Quite a feat. Textures are crisp... I didn’t notice even one on Banjo-Tooie’s level. Shadows are real time, and backgrounds are other locations in the game. Sweet.... The atmosphere is great, such as the origin filled septic pipes.

Breathtaking visuals aside, here’s the great part: The character’s lip sinc, and does very good at that. More about the speech later...


Conker is a platformer, yet it’s no Banjo or Mario. It reminded me of the finnish the level style of Rayman, mixed in with the goals of Banjo and Mario. Real great stuff.

The game is set up into chapters, and it works out great. No wondering around worlds, looking for what do to next. Your goals are always obvious, and fact paced.

Okay, the humor in the game now. I never laughed this hard in a game scine Curse of Monkey Island. Who cares that the characters swear, fart and talk about breast sizes? The game’s not about that. (At least for me.) The countless movie parodies are wonderful, and not cheesey and misplaced.

BFD is like a giant comedy move, in which you actually play a part as the characters. Some might not like the humor. “Now that my nemesis is defeated, I shall walk around...AIMLESSLY!” That’s butt cracking funny A) because he’s just gonna walk around the room for no reason and B) because a lot of video games character tend to do that kind of thing.

As for the actual gameplay, the only thing wrong with it is the somewhat buggy camera. You learn all your moves at the begging of the game, and you preform new ones by activating “Context Sensitive Buttons.” Need a throwing knife to get rid of a group of cussing bats? Use a Button and there they are.

Most of the subchapters force you to master a skill, such as skateboarding, rope jumping, and remembering patterns and all that. Very challenging sometimes. And for the total number of “Kick Arse Moments”, there are too many to count. Don’t want to spoil any of the jokes or ever have a duet with a singing piece of poo?

SOUND: 10/10

Music is great, and in some places even adds to the humor of the game. The nightclub music is perhaps the best in the game... Character voices are excellent, without any static or noise that I can hear. And guess what? There’s over a hour of it...and on a cart. Oh boy... I thought I was playing Resident Evil once because the people talked for minutes at a time. (Come to think of it, Conker probably has more speech that any of the PSX RE games!) Great stuff.

STORY: 10/10

Well, you know the ending in the prologue. Conker became the king? How? Well, it all started when he got a little drunk at the bar and got lost, and can’t find his way home. This is the start of the Bad Fur Day.

Although not deep by any means, the reason the bad guy is after Conker is hilarious. Won’t tell you what, but it’s just one of the million funny things in this game.


It was short compared to other Rare and Nintendo Games, about 14 hours. If your put off by poo jokes and toilet humor, then it might be hard to get into this game.

Honest Gamer score (88)

A ten in all categories, but I gave it a nine? (It was for the length) Conker is a great game, very unique. Not in it’s adult humor, but it the way it’s presented and played out. Some games lack polish, but Conker is full of the stuff. The smart humor, brilliant parodies, and great movie like animation makes it a winner.

-review by Joseph Blanchette-
(who’s still laughing at the ending.)


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