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Final Fantasy Chronicles (PlayStation) artwork

Final Fantasy Chronicles (PlayStation) review

"[Note: This review is based on the PORT versions of the games, not the original games themselves. That being so, Iíll only cover the ports.](Making it real short) "

[Note: This review is based on the PORT versions of the games, not the original games themselves. That being so, Iíll only cover the ports.](Making it real short)


Port score 9/10

Final Fantasy IV is true FF4 all FF fans wanted released in the US, but already played on a PC emulator. Not worth the wait, really. FF4 biggest problem is the difficulty... itís so hard at times you throw your controller down is disgust and donít pick it up for two months. (Like I did) Having to level up for latterly a hour and a half to beat one single boss is wrong.

As for the Emulation, Square got it down perfect, with only the sound effects sounding a little muffled. The only load times you experience is saving and loading your game.


Port Score 6/10

I feel dirty writing this, because Chroro Trigger is one of my favorite games...ever. A perfect 10. Why is the PSX version so inferior?

1) Sound. Music sounds different enough to ne noticed and effects are muffled. Imagine my sorrow when ďCourage and PrideĒ and ďFrogís ThemeĒ sounds off. *sniff*

2) Load Times. This is a big fracture. The 6 second load time when entering battle and going to the menu is ANNOYING. I understand load times are necessary, but FF4 did it no problem. More scripting? Better Graphics? Perhaps, but I still donít like it.

3) Slowdown. Now this is INEXCUSABLE. Whenever there is one freaking layer during battle, the games slows down so your fighting in slow motion. Fighting on the Mountain of Woe is a chor because it takes forever to bring down a group of Imps. I still have not beaten the port because the Lavos Shell Battle is the same way. Square... Dudes. Your working with the PSX here... a gaming system perfect for 2D games... If the SNES can do it with problems then the PSX should to.

If your gonna port, do it right

Honest Gamers score (70)

If there is no other way for you to play FF4 or CT, then perhaps Chronicles is the only way you can do it. It gets the job done, despite itís flaws. However, I recommend downloading the game ROMS. Itís a better experience.

-review by Joseph Blanchette-


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