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Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX: Maximum Remix (PlayStation) artwork

I loved the first Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX so I decided to get this one. First off the game is still glitchy, funny, and entertaining. Dave Mirra is brought back with harder level goals, more tricks, and several new levels.


Your typical complete the goals and move onto the next level of the game. The new enhancements that have been added are the new levels and the goals for each level are super hard, other than that it is Dave Mirra freestyle BMX in disguise. The has quite a few glitches all the same as the first one, an example of this is when you fall through the screen (yes its still in this one, I wonder if anyone from Z-Axis or Acclaim bug tested this game or the first one? Oh well).


Any games in this genre are all the same, no story just complete the goals for each level, win the competition, and watch the FMV at the end of the game.


The audio is great it has a wide variety of music that helps get you pumped up and into the game. What's kind of cool is that if you like the music from the game you can always listen to the bonus
CD that is given to you. If you are not a big fan of Punk rock or heavy metal, you can always put on a set of headphones and listen to a CD that you like. On to the video part, this part is probably the worst part of the game. Graphically this game is a nightmare because everything is blocky from the characters to the surroundings but all in all if you really get into the game you will not notice this. I think Z-Axis should have put a little more effort into this department of the game.


This is where the game really excels. You can play the different modes that are given to you after you beat the game with a character or you can always go for the Crash game. The Crash game is pretty cool (and 2 players) it basically is about who can crash the hardest and that person wins (Have you ever seen a no handed back flip crash into a wall?, Its pretty funny, this just a sample of what you can do). The modes you can get for the Proquest gameplay are nightvision mode (think Metal Gear Solid or Syphon Filter), Super crash mode (Self explanatory), and several other cool and funny modes that I will leave up to you to find if you buy or rent this game.

To buy or To rent

This is a tough question because a lot times I noticed that when you buy a game like this you play the game to death and after that you end putting it on your shelf and let it collect dust. So if you like this game or it predecessor I suggest you buy it because it will take a while to beat and you can always replay it when you want to. If you are unsure rent it so you can get a feel for the game and then decide whether you want to buy it or not.

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