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Super Princess Peach (DS) artwork

Super Princess Peach (DS) review

"Now that I've finally gotten along to getting a DS, I got this game because it looked promising in the previews. I wasn't let down, but it felt a bit easy for a Mario game. "

Now that I've finally gotten along to getting a DS, I got this game because it looked promising in the previews. I wasn't let down, but it felt a bit easy for a Mario game.

Peach, the classic damsel in distress. Always being captured helplessly by Bowser, only to be saved again by Mario. This time though, Princess Peach gets to take the spotlight. After Mario, Luigi, and the Toads are abducted by Bowser, Peach needs to save them from a cruel fate. The problem is, Bowser has taken control of the Vibe Scepter, which can control everyones vibes (emotions). To help her save Mario and the others, Perry the parasol comes to help.

In this game there are a couple main objectives. The first is to rescue all 3 toads in each level. Then of course, to finish the levels and defeat bosses. Anyway, too expand a little more, you have to rescue three toads in each level by completing certain puzzles and tasks. There are also puzzle pieces and sounds that you can find. Peach has to guide herself through 8 worlds, each complete with 5 levels and a boss battle. Before entering boss battles you have to get through the map using the stylus only. It's pretty fun and shows ingenuity.

To do this you take control of your vibes to finish puzzles. Peach has a total of four vibes. The first vibe is the joy vibe, which gives you the power of the cyclone. Using the cyclone you can fly through the air, or blow away things such as clouds. Your second vibe is Rage. Peach gets very, very, angry. She gets so angry that she actually catches on fire. With it she can burn wood, melt ice, or even light lanterns. The third vibe is gloom, or sadness. Peach becomes very sad and tears flow (literally) from her. Her speed increases and she has the power to grow plants and put ot fire. Her fourth and final vibe is calm. I think it is a very useless vibe, put it has it's uses. It can restore HP at a slow rate, or can take away status effects from enemies.

Sure the game is fun, but there are a few downsides to the gameplay. One, is that through each world, the puzzles seem to repeat over and over again with the same idea. Another is the fact that this game is terribly easy. Everything in this game is easy to notice and easy to do. There are always lots of extra crystals to fill up your vib meter, there is always something that gives away a location of a toad or other secret item, and the enemies aren't too challenging either.

Taking a sidestep away from the gameplay, we enter the graphics and sound department. The graphics in this game, while cartoony and colorful, are well done. Peach and her parasol are nicely drawn, and everything can be distinguished from something else. There is a little bit of repetition in the levels, but at least there is some variety. The sound of this game is nothing to get excited about. A few tunes play through each level and the enemies make sounds and blah blah blah. It's not that it sounds bad, but it just doesn't stick out.

Overall the game is quite good, and it offers a couple hours of enjoyment, but for the $35 price tag, it isn't enough. The replay value as just forced, replay the levels again to get some more puzzle pieces and whatnot. It's a little too easy and you could have not been told how to do everything. Even though it may not be worth the price, it should be looked at as a good game with a new kind of gameplay. Pick it up some time down the road when your craving a nice Mario game and it costs about 20 bucks.

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Community review by llamaman2 (April 22, 2007)

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