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Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation
Tags: RPG
Developer: Square
More Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One


Final Fantasy IX (PlayStation) imageFinal Fantasy IX (PlayStation) imageFinal Fantasy IX (PlayStation) image

Staff Reviews

Final Fantasy IX review

Review date unknown

Lassarina Aoibhell says: "I laughed, and even cried a little, at various points in the game. Not since Final Fantasy VI have I gotten so totally sucked into a game. This game will be within easy reach of my Playstation for a long, long time."
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Final Fantasy IX review

Reviewed May 11, 2007

Rob Hamilton says: "Eventually, my favorite “mini-game” simply involved me finding all the references to early Final Fantasy games in this one. Square went above and beyond the call of duty in making sure us players got enough nostalgic moments to last any number of lifetimes. Look! It’s the classic black mage design! Hey, that old geezer’s named Garland! He was the bad guy in the original Final Fantasy!"
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Reader Reviews

Final Fantasy IX review

Reviewed July 01, 2013

bbbmoney says: "In all of its pretty, purposeful pastiche, it forgets it needs to be something playable."
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Final Fantasy IX review

Reviewed June 21, 2006

draqq_zyxx says: "
Right at Birth
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Final Fantasy IX review

Reviewed November 09, 2003

mariner says: "Every review should be able to answer one simple and obvious question. Is the game fun? And yet, when I look at this game, the ninth in a highly acclaimed series (and a series I enjoy), I find it hard to answer that question. On the one hand, I did play through the game in its entirety, and I did like some of it. Yet, on the other hand, I can't pinpoint much about this game that I can point to and say ''this is good, this is right.'' The game itself is an enigma, pretending to get back to its ro..."
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Final Fantasy IX review

Review date unknown

mortis765 says: "What prompted me to buy this game? Perhaps it was my longing for another great story from Square. Because that's what most Square RPGs are, a story, with some new gameplay devised thrown in for good measure. Another reason was the return to ''Old School'' Fantasy, not the modern fantasy of VII and VIII. (Which has it’s own charm, mind you) I was willing to put up with the random battles and leveling up, but was very surprised when neither were really that bad. Thanks to this game, I am now ..."
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Final Fantasy IX review

Reviewed August 05, 2002

ratking says: "The Final Fantasy tradition continues for me. Each Final Fantasy game I play one ups the game I played before it. I thought it would end with Final Fantasy VII, such a great game that was, not likely to be beaten. And yet through the entire game Final Fantasy IX was right on it's tail, and it overthrew it with the perfect ending. See, you are basically buying a $20 movie with Final Fantasy IX, and a little bit of fun also. However I can think of millions of movies that are worse than the story s..."
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Final Fantasy IX review

Reviewed August 26, 2002

rxfang6 says: "Final Fantasy IX "
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Final Fantasy IX review

Reviewed March 06, 2004

tomclark says: "The Final Fantasy series is one of the most revered in gaming, and with good reason. Picking up one of these epic RPGs is a beautiful feeling - you almost know that you're in for a great time. And Final Fantasy IX, the last original Final Fantasy game to be released for the PSX, is certainly no exception. Returning to the old-school styling, with a tale of wizards and warriors replacing the steam punk trappings of the last two games, Final Fantasy is getting back to it's roots, and in doing so t..."
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