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Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation
Tags: Strategy, Turn-Based, Fantasy
Developer: Square


Final Fantasy Tactics (PlayStation) screenshotFinal Fantasy Tactics (PlayStation) screenshotFinal Fantasy Tactics (PlayStation) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Final Fantasy Tactics review

Reviewed January 30, 2008

Gary Hartley says: "To win this fight, the game encourages you to run around the edges of the screen spamming Ramza's stat-up skills to boost him to super-human proportions while an enraged, mutated Weigraf chases you around like the victim of a poor Benny Hill sketch. After a few laps, Ramza will be so artificially bloated that Weigarf's heartbreaking final sacrifice will amount to naught."
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Final Fantasy Tactics review

Review date unknown

James Gordon says: "FFT's storyline is on-par with every other RPG in existence. "
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Reader Reviews

Final Fantasy Tactics review

Review date unknown

alonia_everclear says: "Final Fantasy Tactics. This game and I have a very long history. It was bought for me as a birthday present and the first day I got it, I dug in. Within the first day at about the fourth level I was stuck. That's right the inevitable ''stuck''. I was there for a very long time, probably about a year or so, I was ready to give up. Finally one day I picked it up and by some video game miracle I made it pass that level. I was again caught up in the story line, urging myself forward through battles ..."
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Final Fantasy Tactics review

Reviewed February 18, 2019

CptRetroBlue says: "The biggest battle you face is within yourself"
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Final Fantasy Tactics review

Reviewed February 03, 2019

hastypixels says: "Final Fantasy Tactics could have been more than a cult classic, but its reputation for unforgiving combat precedes it."
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Final Fantasy Tactics review

Reviewed July 03, 2007

johnny_cairo says: "It is hard to remember any games that rival Final Fantasy Tactics in longevity, depth, and dare I say beauty. Obviously this is nothing more than a piece of software, but it is a pure fusion of RPG and strategy, combining the best aspects of both and enhanced by (although not in service of) one of the most elaborate and intrigue-filled stories ever concieved in any medium. The unique magical kingdom of Ivalice combines a medieval aesthetic with a bestiary bursting with all sorts of twiste..."
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Final Fantasy Tactics review

Reviewed February 15, 2004

ratking says: "Final Fantasy Tactics was a highly regarded game, and I knew that some day down the line I would HAVE to purchase it. I finally got around to play it, and at first I was a little confused, but once I understood all of the games mechanics, and the story began to unravel I was entrenched in one of the most magnificent videogame experience in my lifetime. "
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Final Fantasy Tactics review

Review date unknown

sgreenwell says: "Forget about all the other standard console role playing games, like Final Fantasy 7 or Chrono Cross. Or about the wargames such as Ogre Battle and Tactics Ogre. Final Fantasy Tactics backhands them in the face, insults their mothers, and then kicks them square in the stomach while they're down. "
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Final Fantasy Tactics review

Reviewed January 19, 2007

shotgunnova says: "[STORY] "
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