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Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing (XSX) game cover art
Platform: GameCube
Tags: Simulation
Developer: Nintendo
AKA: Doubutsu no Mori Plus (JP)

Animal Crossing (GameCube) screenshotAnimal Crossing (GameCube) screenshotAnimal Crossing (GameCube) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Animal Crossing review

Reviewed October 25, 2004

Branden Barrett says: "Nevertheless, time is always progressing, and even if you are constantly occupied in life, your virtual world awaits you on the other side."
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Animal Crossing review

Reviewed September 19, 2002

Jason Venter says: "You really are in control of this town. It goes beyond customizing your house and choosing its furniture; you can also make your own clothing patterns, doorway illustrations, and umbrella designs. The whole time you play, you'll get the sense that someone spent a lot of time perfecting nearly every small detail."
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Reader Reviews

Animal Crossing review

Reviewed May 31, 2005

goldenvortex says: "Animal Crossing was in my Christmas stocking last year. I had begged my mother to purchase it for me even though she was pretty damn reluctant. “David, this game looks like it’s for kids!” she moaned at me but I didn’t care. From what I’d heard, Animal Crossing was one of the most innovative and enjoyable titles for the Gamecube and I needed a new title to get me back into it. After being disappointed by Nintendo’s old school rebirths like Super Mario and Metroid Prime, I needed a fresh per..."
goldenvortex's avatar

Animal Crossing review

Reviewed April 12, 2007

Halon says: "I don’t hate Animal Crossing for its N64 quality graphics, terrible music, childlike nature, or terrible attempts at comedy. I dislike it simply because it just isn’t fun. What was supposed to be an interesting and innovative life simulator turned out to be a completely monotonous experience. "
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Animal Crossing review

Reviewed May 15, 2009

jerec says: "It was a couple of days before Halloween, and I’d decided to move out of my parent’s basement and take up residency in a sunny little forest village called Jerktown. With a name like that, how could the town be anything but a nice place to live? With that logic in mind, I boarded a train with nothing more than the clothes on my back and a small sum of money. "
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Animal Crossing review

Reviewed November 22, 2002

ratking says: "Animal Crossing barely made it to America. Can you believe that... It was originally Animal Forest and released it to Japan. They then improved upon the game and set up a release for America. I was psyched, I love the Harvest Moon series, and I thought a game just like Harvest Moon without the farming would be a classic in itself. And that is what Animal Crossing, a game with such detail and such power that it is one of the must haves for the Gamecube and one of the most popular games to date, a..."
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Animal Crossing review

Reviewed July 17, 2005

unchained says: "Videogames can take up your time. They can take a minute, an hour, a day…possibly a month. Usually this is an addictive game, possibly a game that will keep your attention day in and day out. Your eyes glued to the screen waiting for something to happen. Just a game that will keep you entertained, and few games of this kind come out rarely. That’s why you’ve got to keep your eyes open – Animal Crossing is waiting at the shelves. "
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