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Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime (DS) artwork

Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime (DS) review

"The town of Boinsburg is under attack! Giant metal balls are destroying the buildings and every slime except for Rocket has been captured in treasure chests. The Plob has taken over Slimenia and is trying to get rid of slimes all together. How can you save your slimey friends? "

The town of Boinsburg is under attack! Giant metal balls are destroying the buildings and every slime except for Rocket has been captured in treasure chests. The Plob has taken over Slimenia and is trying to get rid of slimes all together. How can you save your slimey friends?

As Rocket, you go around Slimenia looking for the treasure chests that contain your slime friends. Then you pick them up and throw the on the TranSlimenian Railway to send them back to town. The main point of this game is to repopulate Boinsburg (the Slime's town) with your slime friends as well as collecting as many objects and monsters as you can.

Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime has so many different things to do in the game that It's gameplay is just amazing. It was based off of Zelda games, so it is a little simplistic and easy to pick up and learn; however, that's what makes the gameplay so much fun. There's the normal attack which is called Elasto Blast, but as you go through the game, you realize exactly how much you can do with just this one attack. Because of the Elasto Blast, you can put things on top of your head to carry. There is an extremely large number of items and monsters you can put on your head and what makes the game even better is that some objects do different things when you throw them off you head. The heavy weights shake the ground and flip some monsters over; Chimera Wings fly objects or monsters back to town. However, will all of that just by putting things on your head, there are also Tank Battles you have to play! These are quite fast paced and very fun. You use objects that you have collected as ammo to shoot at the enemy tank. Not only that, but you can shoot yourself, your friends, or your enemies out of the tank as well. You can infiltrate the enemy tank and destroy their computers. This is one of the best parts of the game. The tank battles provide a lot of fun as well as a good challenge. You can customize your ammo and upgrade your tank and you can play the tank battles as much as you want until you are satisfied. You also get items for replaying tank battles so that you still get rewarded!

Tank battles can be quite challenging and whereas it's rather difficult to actually die, the tank battles actually are hard to win. The difficulty of the puzzles in the game are somewhat easy as well but they do make you think about what you're doing.

The soundtrack to the game is very fun. There are tracks that will give you nostalgia to the older Dragon Quest games, but there are new tracks that you love to listen to play for hours. There is one track that is a little weird because of the vocal noises that are played in it, but it fits the situation that it plays in. The music adds to the enjoyment of the game as well as the immersion into the Dragon Quest world.

The storyline is rather simplistic, but it's the simplicity that makes the game amazing. Even though the storyline is basically rebuilding the town, there are conflicts and different situations that add more depth than you would think out of such a cute game like this. Overall, this game is very addictive just because you want to collect everything. I actually got stuck playing this game for 4 hours straight before I realized that I had homework to finish. Even then, I didn't to put it down. There are great little references in the game to pop culture and other video games. One of the tanks that is a tree is named "Chrono Twigger." The small little Easter Eggs like this just make you smile. This game is filled with comedy and it's overall a very enjoyable game. This is a treasure that might be buried in the DS line-up and it's much better a game than it comes off as. It lives up to the hype it had and the high reviews don't lie. This game will make you addicted to it where you'll want to play it every chance you get. I never played my DS on the train before until I got this game. I just couldn't go that long without playing it!

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Community review by morridor (October 17, 2006)

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