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X-Change (PC) game cover art
Platform: PC
Genre: Dating Simulation (Hentai)
Developer: Crowd


X-Change (PC) screenshotX-Change (PC) screenshotX-Change (PC) screenshot

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Reader Reviews

X-Change review

Reviewed June 21, 2004

denouement says: "If in earlier days, or perhaps even now, you were like most young men -- and all you ladies out there, Iím guessing you werenít -- you probably at some point wished yourself a girl. Thatís right -- a frilly dress-wearing, tea party-hosting, Nancy Drew-reading girl. Well Iím here to disillusion you and hopefully break you of those twisted desires, because if X-Change is any indicator -- and knowing the reputed mystical insights possessed by your average Japanese game designer, it probably ..."
denouement's avatar

X-Change review

Reviewed October 29, 2005

woodhouse says: "Amongst H game fans, no title polarizes opinion like X-Change. Itís purportedly the top seller in Peach Princessí catalogue, an assertion supported by the companyís willingness to fast track the localization of its sequels and spinoffs. Many people will shell out good money for these subsequent efforts because they so enjoyed the premise of the first - to see how the other half lives. They love this gender switching adventure, seeing the illusion of a maleís sexual promiscuity grafte..."
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