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Dreamcast Game Reviews

The newest Dreamcast game reviews available on the site are listed on this page. You can search the database for additional reviews by browsing alphabetically according to game title, or feel free to check review listings for additional systems.

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Sports Jam (Dreamcast) artwork

Sports Jam review (Dreamcast)

Reviewed September 24, 2014

pickhut says: "Sports Jam's host needs to be in the next Super Smash Bros. game. Make it so, Nintendo."
pickhut's avatar
The House of the Dead 2 (Dreamcast) artwork

The House of the Dead 2 review (Dreamcast)

Reviewed September 09, 2014

pickhut says: "At last you've come... FRIENDS. The door.. of fate.. shall open."
pickhut's avatar
Sega Rally Championship 2 (Dreamcast) artwork

Sega Rally Championship 2 review (Dreamcast)

Reviewed September 10, 2013

pickhut says: "If you want a thrill ride that really makes you work for its sweetest moments, Sega Rally 2 comes out on top in that department."
pickhut's avatar
Dynamite Cop! (Dreamcast) artwork

Dynamite Cop! review (Dreamcast)

Reviewed September 03, 2013

pickhut says: "Dynamite Cop is a wacky, fun game to play with friends that have no clue what they're getting into."
pickhut's avatar
Illbleed (Dreamcast) artwork

Illbleed review (Dreamcast)

Reviewed August 19, 2012

Fiddlesticks says: "Illbleed drives me nuts. It offers 1000 ideas from 1000 different sources. Some of them are good. Most feel out of place. All of these ideas combine to give Illbleed a unique feel when compared to other games within the survival horror genre, as well as on the Dreamcast. It’s like the developers threw everything they could think of at a wall and hoped that only the best would stick. Problem is, everything stuck and nothing was cut out, causing Illbleed to become lumbering and illogical. I..."
Fiddlesticks's avatar
Blue Stinger (Dreamcast) artwork

Blue Stinger review (Dreamcast)

Reviewed August 12, 2012

pickhut says: ""I swallowed monsters!!""
pickhut's avatar
Virtua Athlete 2000 (Dreamcast) artwork

Virtua Athlete 2000 review (Dreamcast)

Reviewed March 04, 2012

pickhut says: "Sega's other track and field title for the Dreamcast, Virtua Athlete 2000, rarely gets a mention because of its under-the-radar release, so not a whole lot of players remember or even know of its existence. Hell, Sega didn't even publish the game in North America, despite the allure of being developed by the same team that created the then-hot Virtua Tennis. However, it was snatched up by Agetec, a publisher who was known at the time for releasing niche titles no one else would touch."
pickhut's avatar
18-Wheeler American Pro Trucker (Dreamcast) artwork

18-Wheeler American Pro Trucker review (Dreamcast)

Reviewed February 19, 2012

pickhut says: "A game about big rigs? 18 wheelers driving across the United States of America? There's been plenty of unusual titles before this game's time, but still, it's not a premise you think would show up in a video game. Then again, it was made by Sega, a company that managed to turn taxi driving into a crazy activity, so if there's anyone that could make truck racing interesting, it's them."
pickhut's avatar

Interested in seeing a list of chronological Dreamcast games available in North America? Click here. Otherwise, you can browse all regions using the alphabet strip near the top of the page.

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