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Commodore 64 Updates

The newest Commodore 64 content available on the site is listed on this page. You can search the game database alphabetically to find additional screenshots, guides and reviews, or feel free to check content for additional systems.

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Most Recent Commodore 64 Game Reviews
Questron (Commodore 64)

Questron review (Commodore 64)

Reviewed December 24, 2010

CoarseDragon says: "Those of you who have played Ultima 1 will notice the similarity between Questron and that game because Strategic Simulation Inc. (SSI) secured a license from Richard Garriott which SSI then used in structuring the game world. "
Zaxxon (Commodore 64) artwork

Zaxxon review (Commodore 64)

Reviewed July 14, 2015

sashanan says: "At the end of this base, the eponymous Zaxxon attacks, a giant killer robot that actually does very little killing. Rather, he lumbers towards you, fires a single missile, and bugs out, ending the stage even if you fail to destroy him in what little time you get. And then it all repeats."
Sex Games (Commodore 64) artwork

Sex Games review (Commodore 64)

Reviewed July 13, 2011

JoeTheDestroyer says: "False advertising"
Girls They Want to Have Fun (Commodore 64) artwork

Girls They Want to Have Fun review (Commodore 64)

Reviewed June 16, 2011

JoeTheDestroyer says: "It's arguable as to whether or not Girls is even a game. You only perform one action, it lasts twenty seconds, and that's it. I'm not a fan of porno games, but I think any actual fan want much more than just a single screen and something they can see in any standard porno mag. Girls doesn't offer any real fun, and it's barely a game. It's just a masturbation simulator. "

Most Recent Commodore 64 Screenshots and Images
Questron (Commodore 64) screenshots and images

If you're interested, check out this list of Commodore 64 games released in North America, sorted by year. You can also browse Commodore 64 releases in all regions using the alphabet strip near the top of this page.

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