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Mega Man X: Command Mission (GameCube) artwork

Mega Man X: Command Mission (GameCube) review

"Mega Man has always been, traditionally, a side scrolling platformer which involved shooting other robots with your arm cannon until they explode. There have been few exceptions to this formula, and Command Mission is one of them. "

Mega Man has always been, traditionally, a side scrolling platformer which involved shooting other robots with your arm cannon until they explode. There have been few exceptions to this formula, and Command Mission is one of them.

Being the first RPG Mega Man on a console, there was alot of speculation as to whether this game would be any good. After it's release, there were mixed thoughts about the quality of the game. To put it simply, this is a good game that could have been much better.

The game starts off at a slow paced. A Maverick Hunter team composed of X, Zero, and another Hunter named Shadow, are dispatched to an artificial island named Giga City to investigate the appearance of a Maverick known as Epsilon, which recently became the leader of a Rebellion Army fighting for the birth of an ideal Reploid society. From here, a series of startling plot twists made barely noticeable by a below average story, accompanied by a simple fighting system create the mediocre product that Command Mission turned out to be.

Because of the badly written story, the meat of the game lies in the battles, which, sad to say, aren't much better. The simple fighting system has you enter combat with a 3 character team. Each character can be equipped with a Main Weapon, and two Sub Weapons. Also, they can equip a variety of support items known as Force Metals. How effective you are in combat will depend solely on how you equip your characters in a certain area.

While the better Force Metals will really beef up your characters, you also have to worry about a little something called Erosion Hazard. Each Force Metal has an Erosion level, and each character has an Erosion Immunity Level. If all of you're combined equipped Force Metal is higher than the characters Immunity Level, then theres the possibility of Erosion Hazard activating, hindering your characters in several different, randomized ways, like reducing your health, etc.

Besides this, theres not a whole lot a depth to the game. The only other thing to do besides battle is to collect various Sketches, Figures, musical tracks and cutscenes from the game via exploration and deployment missions.

Overall, this game will make you want to stick to the classic X formula of side scrolling action. Play this game only if you are a true fan of Mega Man.

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Community review by gmsephiroth (January 02, 2006)

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