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Karnov (NES) artwork

Karnov (NES) review

"This game is without a doubt strange. Fun? Yes. Hard? Yes. Good? Pretty. Strange? Oh yeah! "

This game is without a doubt strange. Fun? Yes. Hard? Yes. Good? Pretty. Strange? Oh yeah!

Story: 7/10
Ok, basically in this game the story is as follows: You are Jinborov Karnovski, a circus strongman. One day an evil dragon named Ryu steals the treasure of Babylon. You must hunt him down.

Graphics: 7/10
The graphics on this are ok. They aren't without they're problems, but not terrible or anything. The only problem I can really think of that's wrong with it is that Karnov is supposed to be a strongman, but the sprites make him look fat. As well as not being able to tell some types of blocks apart (you may think it's nothing but it does effect the gameplay, since some blocks you can climb onto).

Gameplay: 8/10
You play as a Russian circus strongman who can breathe fire. Realistic, huh? At first, it looks like he's shooting fireballs out of his armpits, but after skimming through the manual and other things I found it he could breathe it. Anyway, Karnov can jump, breathe fire, or use special items. The ladder for some reason is labeled ''K'' which is somewhat odd, but at least there's no shortage of it. The ladder is a vital item. You can also get an item to fly and swim. The gameplay would get a 9, but, like most Nintendo games, it is extremely difficult.

Sound/Music: 10/10
I don't know why. I don't. I used to think the only 2 tracks they had were ok. Good, but nothing special. But, my father truly loved this game, especially the music. He must've convinced me it was good because now I love it, too. Even when I point out the problems with it, I still can't help but give this a 10. I might as well start. For starters, there's only 2 songs in the entire game. There's the one, which plays everywhere you go, and there's the ending theme. Both are great, the other one being better than the ending, but it really needed more. Also, the sounds sound a bit scratchy.

Control: 6/10
The control would have gotten a much higher score if only a few things had been done. It controls a bit like Mario in terms of just walking, otherwise, its completely different. He jumps a lot higher and more gracefully. There isn't much of a problem, except that your items change even if you don't tell them to. Whenever you just move left or right they change.

Replay Value: 6/10
After you beat it, you really can't do anything except beat it again. While it is fun, it's difficult and I don't think anyone would want to beat it again.

Overall: 7/10
This could've been better, like many games. If a few problems had been solved I would've liked it alot more. Even though it's not widely popular, I consider it a classic. It's one of the first games I played and I've always loved it.

Fun gameplay
Good music

Bad control


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