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Taz-Mania (GEN) game cover art
Platform: Genesis
Genre: Action (Platformer)
Developer: Recreational Brainware
AKA: Taz-Mania: Bad to the Bone (JP)

Reader Reviews

Taz-Mania review

Reviewed October 31, 2003

retro says: "That popular Tasmanian devil that we all know as Taz is sitting at home one day listening to a family member tell a compelling story about how the land of Tazmania was once ruled by giant prehistoric seabirds. We all know that Taz is among the biggest of fans of eating almost everything in sight. Upon hearing the story, the arrogant, stomach-driven Taz just can't wait to run, or spin, as fast as he can out the door to start on his path to finding one of these giant eggs to greedily satisfy his e..."
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Taz-Mania review

Reviewed September 01, 2003

wishingtikal says: "Good sidescrolling platformers weren't that hard to make back in time; take a friendly character, put him on a quest across the land, give him a few powers, add a couple of items here and there, put in some bosses... and there you go, you have your super platformer. Taz-Mania for the Genesis seems to have been made based on that model, and it is indeed a good game, although I'm not too sure whether or not Taz is a friendly character. "
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