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Burger Time (NES) artwork

Burger Time (NES) review

"Did somebody say McDonald's? "

Did somebody say McDonald's?

Burgertime was published by Tradewest in the 80ís. This was another game I used to play alot as a child. Odd thing when you grow up some of those games become less fun. This one was an exception, which stayed just the same.

Graphics: 7/10
While the sprites themselves only look decent, the main attraction of the graphics is the giant burgers, which you must assemble. They are very detailed, even for an NES game. The burgers very starting with just an average one to cheese burgers and have more toppings added as the game progresses.

Story: 5/10
You play as Chef Peter Pepper. You are making hamburgers when an array of hotdogs and other foods attack you. Now you must finish making your burgers and stop the other foods. Throughout the game you encounter enemies such as Mr. Egg, Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Pickle, and King Broccoli, the evil king of the veggies.

Gameplay: 6/10
The gameplay is puzzle like. You have a bunch of hotdogs chasing you and you must complete your burgers. The level structure varies on every level, so thereís always a new challenge if you make it past a level. There are about 5 rows on each level. On each row is a piece of the burger. You must get it to the bottom and finish it. You can push a topping to the next row by walking over it. You are given salt and pepper to defend yourself against the enemies, but that it not the only way to beat them. You can also trick them into getting under you and pushing down a topping on top of them. It involves quick thinking and good reflexes, but itís very hard so it requires a lot of practice.

Sound/Music: 6/10
The music is average. It has a catchy tune but after a long while gradually becomes annoying. For some reason when I was a child I kept humming it. The sounds are also decent, but nothing special. I like how the bleep sounds after squashing the hotdogs.

Control: 6/10
The control could have more options, but for the most part it's good. You run over the burger toppings to make them fall and sprinkle salt and pepper to blind your opponents. The only bad thing is your chef is rather slow and it allows the hotdogs to catch up to you while you are climbing I the stairs.

Replay Value: 6/10
After youíve played through it once, itís sorta fun to play through again and again, but only if you space it out. Otherwise, since thereís no real multiplayer, thereís not much of a point to playing it again.

Overall: 6/10
This is a Nintendo classic. It mixes puzzle elements with just plain fun gameplay and a touch of challenge. It is very fun and overall a good game. I recommend anyone who has an NES to buy it. It didn't get a high score, but it's still a fun game.




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