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NeoGeo Game Reviews

The newest NeoGeo game reviews available on the site are listed on this page. You can search the database for additional reviews by browsing alphabetically according to game title, or feel free to check review listings for additional systems.

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Ninja Commando (NeoGeo) artwork

Ninja Commando review (NeoGeo)

Reviewed July 21, 2013

pickhut says: "You guuyyyyssss, don't ruin my scheme! Get lost!"
pickhut's avatar
Burning Fight (NeoGeo) artwork

Burning Fight review (NeoGeo)

Reviewed September 24, 2008

darketernal says: "I've long enjoyed the art of combat. I get my kicks by travelling through thug-infested streets with naught but my own body to defend me, or a trusty iron pipe to bash in the skulls of bikers, hippies, lawyers and various other sorts of human refuse. "
darketernal's avatar
Mutation Nation (NeoGeo) artwork

Mutation Nation review (NeoGeo)

Reviewed August 11, 2008

VASID07 says: "Against all other arguments, I typically feel that porting an arcade title to a home system, disenchants a game's entire theme. What could amuse me more than spending hard earned (used loosely) quarters to fill up a machine so that I can improve my in-particular gaming prowess in order to impress, infuriate and downright discourage random challengers or assistants? It's definitely not playing a marathon of Tekken with your best friend on the couch, to find the fictional fighting that started out..."
VASID07's avatar
The King of Fighters '94 (NeoGeo) artwork

The King of Fighters '94 review (NeoGeo)

Reviewed January 21, 2008

disco says: "It’s just another boring day at the office. As a mass murderer and leader of the international black market, Rugal doesn’t really have the time or patience for conventional fun. When he’s not busy slaughtering innocent people or conducting illegal operations, his life is pretty dull. His only real hobby is collecting trophies. Of course, they’re not the kind of brass cups and miniature figurines that you might think of. His trophies are the cast-ironed carcasses of all the fighters he’s killed i..."
disco's avatar
Ganryu (NeoGeo) artwork

Ganryu review (NeoGeo)

Reviewed May 05, 2007

johnny_cairo says: "The infuriatingly generic Ganryu manages to disappoint on every level. At its very core, one can only assume it is meant to be a nostalgic throwback to the 2D side scrolling ninja slice-a-thons of yore. Despite being made in 1999, it plays even worse than Shinobi did over a decade earlier, not to mention there are no bizarre 14-dimensional alien bosses or hi-tech tomfoolery, no relentless waves of enemies to fend off. Every aspect is stripped down to a uniform plain of vani..."
johnny_cairo's avatar
Sengoku 2 (NeoGeo) artwork

Sengoku 2 review (NeoGeo)

Reviewed April 08, 2007

johnny_cairo says: "By the leather of my bootstraps, they've gone out and done it. SNK has made the first game totally according to surrealist principles, and if it were done today, John Romero would more or less be involved. It's never too late to drop the old dependable Daikatana joke, I say. Now, I'm not totally against throwing together a bunch of set-pieces and not even bothering to link them with a storyline. Today's subject, the conglomeration of virtual ejacu-late known as Sengoku 2 (which tr..."
johnny_cairo's avatar
Zed Blade (NeoGeo) artwork

Zed Blade review (NeoGeo)

Reviewed July 22, 2005

overdrive says: "When I think of the Neo-Geo’s small library of horizontal shooters, the first thing that comes to mind is R-Type. No, Irem never put any of their flagship franchise’s games on this system, but you don’t exactly have to be a genius to see that influence in games such as Pulstar, Last Resort and (to a lesser degree) Blazing Star. So, why would I expect anything drastically different from the obscure Zed Blade? "
overdrive's avatar
King of the Monsters (NeoGeo) artwork

King of the Monsters review (NeoGeo)

Reviewed May 07, 2005

Sho says: "Giant monsters are cool. Giant monsters who beat you to a pulp and take your lunch money are not."
sho's avatar

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