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PlayStation 2 Game Reviews

The newest PlayStation 2 game reviews available on the site are listed on this page. You can search the database for additional reviews by browsing alphabetically according to game title, or feel free to check review listings for additional systems.

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God Hand (PlayStation 2) artwork

God Hand review (PlayStation 2)

Reviewed May 20, 2016

Dinoracha says: "This game may slap me around like a chump, but returning the favor is never not satisfying."
Dinoracha's avatar
Katamari Damacy (PlayStation 2) artwork

Katamari Damacy review (PlayStation 2)

Reviewed March 28, 2016

Dinoracha says: "Bright, colorful and fun to play all backed by a top tier soundtrack, it's an utter delight to experience."
Dinoracha's avatar
Grandia II (PlayStation 2) artwork

Grandia II review (PlayStation 2)

Reviewed March 19, 2016

holdthephone says: "Hundreds of encounters end in a single spell cast, and that is a fact."
holdthephone's avatar
Dual Hearts (PlayStation 2) artwork

Dual Hearts review (PlayStation 2)

Reviewed August 02, 2015

Zachary Walton says: "Dual Hearts is one-of-a-kind Zelda and Rare platformer mashup that should not be missed."
Phazonmasher's avatar
ICO (PlayStation 2) artwork

ICO review (PlayStation 2)

Reviewed July 26, 2015

Suskie says: "We don't need copious exposition and jibber-jabber to understand that these two characters need one another."
Suskie's avatar
Future Tactics: The Uprising (PlayStation 2) artwork

Future Tactics: The Uprising review (PlayStation 2)

Reviewed April 11, 2015

Robotic_Attack says: "It's really fun to experiment with tactics and ideas that aren't even on the table in most strategy games, such as blowing through cover, hiding in craters the crossfire has created, knocking enemies off cliffs, dropping cars on them, etc. The game's flaws are really glaring in a modern light."
Robotic_Attack's avatar
Stella Deus: The Gate of Eternity (PlayStation 2) artwork

Stella Deus: The Gate of Eternity review (PlayStation 2)

Reviewed March 29, 2015

Rob Hamilton says: "Maybe if it had featured Spyro the Dragon instead of Spero the Boring Guy, things would have been a bit better..."
overdrive's avatar
Ring of Red (PlayStation 2) artwork

Ring of Red review (PlayStation 2)

Reviewed March 09, 2015

Robotic_Attack says: "Watching a video of Ring of Red might convince you that it is almost exactly like Front Mission. But just a few minutes into playing the game you'll discover that its battle system is radically different than most turn-based games. As far as I know, there isn't really anything even remotely like it."
Robotic_Attack's avatar

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