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Young Thor

Young Thor (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PSP
Tags: Action, 2D, Brawler, Platformer
Developer: Frima Studio


Staff Reviews

Young Thor review

Reviewed July 23, 2010

Jason Venter says: "Though it's easy to steamroll through many of the early fights in the game by simply pounding the ground a lot or frying adversaries from a distance, later battles require more finesse and some of them (like the banshees) will force you to develop actual strategies if you want to consistently win. After all, ground pounds don't work well on teleporting ghosts. Those later encounters keep things interesting by practically forcing you to utilize dodges, since you'll eventually run out of magical energy if you don't string together your most powerful attacks with some weaker ones."
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Reader Reviews

Young Thor review

Reviewed July 20, 2010

zippdementia says: "Hel, the female ruler of the Norse underworld, has kidnapped the Norns and corrupted the tree of life in an attempt to usher in Ragnarok. All that stands in her way is one pimply, red-haired youth with a hammer. Thor, though still in his infancy, vows to defeat his nefarious cousin, return order to Midgard and to do it all quickly enough that the player can be home in time for supper. At least one of those things will occur. Clocking in at roughly four hours, Young Thor is a really short ..."
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