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God of War III

God of War III (PS3) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation 3
Genre: Fighting Action (Brawler)
Developer: SCEA


God of War III (PlayStation 3) imageGod of War III (PlayStation 3) imageGod of War III (PlayStation 3) screenshot

Staff Reviews

God of War III review

Reviewed March 18, 2010

Zigfried says: "With grandiose symphony and fiery passion, Sony's declaration is clear: this is an epic the likes of which the world may never see again. The game's opening moments plunge this brazen ambition into the hearts of those who've forgotten such fanciful dreams. A host of titans wage war against the gods of Olympus, and the chaotic path along which players guide Kratos is truly unnerving. The ground itself shakes, for that ground is the back of the titan Gaia. Parasitic serpents burst from Gaia's flesh to bar the Spartan's path; when the titan of Earth stumbles from the pain, Kratos hangs precariously with one hand but still must fight. His soul is only at peace during battle."
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Reader Reviews

God of War III review

Reviewed April 07, 2010

Suskie says: "Five minutes into God of War III, the game was already such a grand, glorious spectacle that it permanently skewed my perception of what can be done in a video game. A shot from the game’s first level might reveal Kratos confronting a horde of demonic soldiers in a lush forest, and it’s a scene that would make any other game blush; the impeccable attention to detail is even easier to admire in high definition, and as our protagonist slings his blades through the air, it’s a testament to m..."
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God of War III review

Reviewed June 02, 2010

zippdementia says: "A while back I wrote a review for God of War I. At the time, I wasn’t entirely sure what I loved so much about the game, so I went with the standard “Kratos is a total bad-ass” angle and thus repeated what a thousand other reviewers had already said, many more eloquently than I did. Then I played God of War III and realized that brutality is not what made God of War great. "
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News Articles

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