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Diablo III

Diablo III (PC) game cover art
Platform: PC
Genre: Action
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment


Diablo III (PC) imageDiablo III (PC) imageDiablo III (PC) image

Reader Reviews

Diablo III review

Reviewed June 16, 2012

bbbmoney says: "But it only solidifies the feeling that prior to Inferno was a game that continuously promised nothing to its players. And while the final challenge takes shape of a true game, it’s hardly a perfect dungeon crawler itself."
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Diablo III review

Reviewed February 23, 2016

Dinoracha says: "Some changes have been made, but there are still plenty of phatty loots to gain."
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Diablo III review

Reviewed May 15, 2014

Never3ndr says: "Overall, Diablo III is a solid experience worth a try. If you have not played it since release (as I had not), I highly suggest giving it another go, if for no other reason than to take the bad taste out of your mouth from playing it the first time."
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Diablo III review

Reviewed May 26, 2012

Suskie says: "With so many of Diablo III's core functions being handled on Blizzard's end, the game's performance is directly tied to how well their servers are running. When you buy Diablo III, half of the game is still in another part of the country, and millions of people are trying to access it all at once."
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Diablo III review

Reviewed April 05, 2017

Zydrate says: "A very grindy endgame but can appeal to some hardcore Leaderboard players, and I just like the RPG elements."
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