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State of Emergency (PlayStation 2) artwork

State of Emergency (PlayStation 2) review

"AAAAHHH!! No God No!!! Boom!!!! The sweet sounds of mayhem in the morning. This is the kind of visceral feeling you get when you are in the thick of SOE. "

AAAAHHH!! No God No!!! Boom!!!! The sweet sounds of mayhem in the morning. This is the kind of visceral feeling you get when you are in the thick of SOE. Rockstar has another hit on their hands after their opus Grand Theft Auto 3. It takes a while to really get into the groove of SOE but once you are in its a killer ride.

The Rundown

Graphics: For what it is the graphics are done pretty well. The player models are well done and very clean looking. The real achievement in this game is just how many people are on the screen at one time. You really feel you are in a riot when all these people are rushing around you all carrying out their own different agendas. The only sacrifice is that the civilians are all pretty bland which would be a drawback if they werent able to get as many people onscreen as they did but it doesn't hurt the game because quantity over quality actually pulls through this time. Grade - 95

Gameplay: This is the part of the game where I could possibly see a repetitiveness setting in for some people. SOE has a certain return to the old Final Fight beat 'em up games feel to it and therein lies the problem. In the moves department there isn't much more than punch, kick, and grab to the game but once again Rockstar and developers Vis pull themselves out of possible trouble with the weapons they have thrown into the game. The armory is not overly massive that you never really get a feel for each weapon but there is plenty of variety so you never get bored. My personal favorite is the minigun. There really is nothing quite like mowing down a whole crowd in a couple of seconds. Grade - 97

Overall- This is a really great game. Theres nothing really revolutionary about it but its a great way to blow off some steam after a long day at school or work. The violence is really well done in a comical sort of way so it never reaches really sick or morbid heights but its enough to satiate those sick little thoughts in your head. Anyone who liked GTA3 is sure to love it so you rioters out there be sure to pick this one up.

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