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Disgaea DS

Disgaea DS (DS) game cover art
Platform: DS
Tags: RPG, Tactical, Fantasy
Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
AKA: Makai Senki Disgaea: Makai no Ouji to Akai Tsuki (JP)

Disgaea DS (DS) screenshotDisgaea DS (DS) screenshotDisgaea DS (DS) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Disgaea DS review

Reviewed November 26, 2008

Gary Hartley says: "It's this trio that quickly become the driving force of Disgaa, be it through Etna's constant sadistic mocking every time Laharl makes a mistake or Flonne's unflagging insistence that both of her new demon friends are basically good people underneath all the mindless slaughtering and evil cackling. Such is the force behind the threesome's interactions that it's all too easy to forget that there's a competent strategy game lurking between all the comic capering. "
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Reader Reviews

Disgaea DS review

Reviewed September 27, 2008

timrod says: "When I heard that Atlus/Nippon Ichi had decided to port the first Disgaea to the DS, I was shocked. For one thing, they’d already ported it to the PSP and had hinted at the port being a PSP exclusive. For a second, there was no way the DS’s extremely limited hardware could ever hope to run a game that was originally for the PS2, even if it came nowhere close to stretching the PS2’s hardware limits. What Atlus delivered was a bad port of a good game. "
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