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Gunstar Heroes

Gunstar Heroes (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Genesis
Tags: Shooter, Run 'n Gun
Developer: Treasure
More Platforms: Game Gear, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360


Gunstar Heroes (Genesis) screenshotGunstar Heroes (Genesis) screenshotGunstar Heroes (Genesis) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Gunstar Heroes review

Reviewed May 03, 2004

Jason Venter says: "The light tone really is impossible to ignore. It hits you across the face the minute you plug in the title, then turns gracefully on one heel like a figure skater before nailing you in the crotch with another well-timed blow. Visuals are extremely cartoony, and often looked to me like the love child of an affair shared by Street Fighter 2 and The Powerpuff Girls."
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Gunstar Heroes review

Reviewed December 20, 2003

Marc Golding says: "Gunstar Heroes was Treasure’s coming out party. Who’s Treasure? Easy. The giant hit-maker known as Konami - responsible for such massively popular game franchises as Metal Gear and Castlevania - had one particularly talented sector of their team jump ship, ostensibly tired of the 'same old, same old' routine of sequels, and the equally mundane practice of applying new lacquer to dusty old floors. These admirable folks became Treasure. And Gunstar Heroes became their first game. "
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Reader Reviews

Gunstar Heroes review

Reviewed December 06, 2005

goldenvortex says: "Much has been said about Treasure’s classic Gunstar Heroes. Some claim that it’s a renowned title of a wealthy calibre, while others have criticised it as a direct rip-off from Konami’s famous Contra series. Suggesting such a comment is a rather fair complaint due to the fact that Treasure were actually formed from a minute group of developers who broke off from Konami’s scope to form their own team. However, no matter how you wince and whine about the similarities between the two (which go as f..."
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Gunstar Heroes review

Reviewed December 04, 2005

Halon says: "I was never a bully as a child, but when my friends and I played videogames I was seen as the tough one. While they were struggling to defeat a giant squirrel in Donkey Kong Country that does practically nothing I was absolutely dominating run n guns such as Contra: Hard Corps and Mega Turrican. But after they got their hands on Treasure’s Gunstar Heroes their view on the run n gun genre changed. They dug its easiness and simplicity, but failed to realize that it actu..."
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