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Ecco The Dolphin

Ecco The Dolphin (GEN) game cover art
Platform: Genesis
Genre: Action
Developer: Novotrade


Ecco The Dolphin (Genesis) screenshotEcco The Dolphin (Genesis) screenshotEcco The Dolphin (Genesis) screenshot

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Reader Reviews

Ecco The Dolphin review

Reviewed August 07, 2010

JANUS2 says: "We all know what it's like to cherish certain adventures from our childhood. Whether it's a simple NES title or an epic RPG, we've all held these old favourites above all others only to find, upon trudging through them years later, that they arenít as special as we remember. "
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Ecco The Dolphin review

Reviewed June 30, 2004

kingbroccoli says: "Games about dolphins are for wimps. Iím too busy exuding machismo to be flouncing about the ocean with creatures too puny to hang with the whales, too docile to swim with the sharks. Gameís like Ecco the Dolphin are made by the girls, for the girls; and itís unfortunate that men like me get caught in the wimpy crossfire. Yeah, Iíve played Ecco the Dolphin. I could have been driving really fast, or busting phat skateboard tricks like the hardcore dude I am. Instead, I flipped a flipper and went f..."
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