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Battletoads (XSX) game cover art
Platform: NES
Tags: Action
Developer: Rare
More Platforms: Arcade, Game Boy, Game Gear, Genesis, Xbox One


Battletoads (NES) screenshotBattletoads (NES) screenshotBattletoads (NES) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Battletoads review

Reviewed March 09, 2013

Jason Venter says: "Most people have trouble enjoying this game nowadays. In related news, most people have trouble getting past the third level..."
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Reader Reviews

Battletoads review

Reviewed November 02, 2003

psychopenguin says: "I am sure there are a few readers out there reading this that glared over the other Battletoads reviews and found them to be informative but focused too much on one thing: challenge. So, I figure I'll just get it out of my system early and move on with what makes this game so good. Yes, Battletoads is hard. Really freaking hard. There you go, you now know what you are getting yourself into when you play this game. "
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Battletoads review

Reviewed October 31, 2003

retro says: "There are some things that I just don't know whether to like or dislike. Green beans I can take or leave. You won't ever hear me ask for them, but if somebody cooks some, I'll eat them. A certain aunt has always been super nice every time she sees me. She'll say ''HEYYYYYY'' and walk up to me and embrace me as if I were the fountain of youth that could cure her wrinkling skin, but I've heard word from reliable sources of her judgmental, backstabbing tactics that she employs when I'm not around. ..."
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Battletoads review

Review date unknown

sgreenwell says: "In Battletoads, you play the role of one of three big, huge, mutated toad creature. Your girlfriend has been kidnapped by the evil Dark Queen, and you must battle though eight chaoctic stages to save her. The plot, like most pre-Genesis action games, is Gouda-level cheesy at best."
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