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Disney's Beauty and the Beast: Roar of the Beast (Genesis) artwork

Disney's Beauty and the Beast: Roar of the Beast (Genesis) review

"Well, itís another licensed game of Disneyís, and this time around, the game is simply horrible. Beauty and the Beast: The Roar of the Beast is a straightforward, side-scrolling platform game in which you play the role of the Beast. The object of the game is to simply destroy all enemies you encounter. It sounds easy, but believe me, this game is the exact opposite of that idea. Here, Iíll tell you why . . . "

Well, itís another licensed game of Disneyís, and this time around, the game is simply horrible. Beauty and the Beast: The Roar of the Beast is a straightforward, side-scrolling platform game in which you play the role of the Beast. The object of the game is to simply destroy all enemies you encounter. It sounds easy, but believe me, this game is the exact opposite of that idea. Here, Iíll tell you why . . .

Okay, hereís the deal. You play the role as the savage beast. Your mission: To kill hoards of rats, bats, snakes, wolves, and badgers. And if you manage to get far enough, you might be able to encounter some people. The basic controls are the standard jump, scratch, and jump attack moves. The big guyís ďspecialĒ attack is his mighty roar, which pauses all of the enemies on screen for about ten seconds. There are also several slight power-ups scattered throughout the stages to ďshake things up.Ē

Okay, enough pretending. This game just reeks. The first glaring problem is the INSANE amount of difficulty. Itís a kids game for crying out loud! Even the most seasoned hardcore gamer wonít be able to complete the first stage. If the Beast is such a strong and savage animal, why does he have so much trouble with a bunch of forest critters? I mean, COME ON!!! Youíre up against a bunch of snakes, bats, and rats in the first level, but yet you still die every time. Is there something wrong with this game?

Besides the INSANE level of difficulty, there are other problems with this game. (GASP!) The level designs are simply horrible! (Well, Iíve only seen the first level, but if thatís a sign of things to come, then itís enough evidence.) Have you ever seen those cartoon scenes where Tom will be chasing Jerry through the house, and the backgrounds just keep repeating themselves? If you have, then youíll find quite a resemblance between Tom & Jerry cartoons and this game. Plus, the levels are way too long for anyone to survive. I mean, with all those rats running around, the Beast just simply has no chance. Come on, did you actually think the Beast could last with rats?!?! You would have to be INSANE to think that.

Oh, and about the Beastís special attack. You know, the roar. It has to be simply the worst special attack in videogame history. I mean, it freezes all of those bats in the air and the snakes on the ground, but how is that supposed to help you if those frozen critters can still hurt you?!?! And the Beastís big clunky body doesnít help much either. When you try to jump over one of those frozen serpents, youíll jump straight into one of those suspended bats. Do you still want more?

Gameplay Rating: 1/10

Well, I have to be honest. The graphics in Beauty and the Beast: Roar of the Beast are only below average. Yeah, I know what youíre thinking. ďWhat!?! You mean they are not INSANELY horrible!!!Ē No, Iím sorry. The cartoonish animations are only sub-par. For being on the Genesis, the graphics arenít too bad, but they certainly could be better. The animations are slow and sluggish, which certainly doesnít help the game any. And who knew that the Beast walked like a zombie from Michael Jacksonís Thriller? Well anyways, the characters themselves are average, consisting of a few jagged edges, but certainly nothing unexpected from a Genesis game. Lastly, there are the backgrounds, which are dull, bland, and just plain ugly. Well, seeing how there is only one playable level, I guess any background would get tedious after playing over and over a hundred times. Now you see, I told you they werenít INSANELY horrible.

Graphics Rating: 4/10

But the developers of this game had to be INSANE to make a game this bad. And the audio does not help the game one bit. The game only consists of three songs: the title song from the movie, the menu music, and the gameplay song. The title song should be familiar to anyone who has seen the movie. Yeah, thatís right! I saw the Beauty and the Beast! I bet you have too. Thatís what I thought.

Anyways, the other two songs are dull and boring. I mean, who wants to listen to boring classical music while youíre trying to destroy those tough spiders and rats? (See: Sarcasm) The sounds effects on the other hand, shouldnít be on the other hand. Theyíre just as bad and mind-numbing as the songs. And does anyone know why the beast sounds like heís burping every time he gets hurt? Yeah, I donít know why either.

Sound Rating: 2/10

Do I really need to commit a whole section to the gameís controls? Thatís INSANE!!! Oh well. I feel a little insane right now anyways. The gameís controls are pretty simple. A is to attack. B is to jump. C is to use your ďspecialĒ roar attack. And you can crouch by pressing Down. Thatís it. Itís simple, but the game is pretty simple. You just try with all your might to kill the endless parade of rats, badgers, and bats, and end up dying. Resistance is futile.

Controls Rating: 4/10

Replay Value
Oh man. This is the absolutely worst part of the game. The first level is simply unbeatable. So why would you ever play the game again? Well, maybe if you catch a communist spy, you can torture him by forcing him to play this game. Or you can give it as a gift to the school bully and make him cry like a little school girl. But I guess the game isnít really being played there. Then there is of course the ever-popular ďcoaster.Ē But Genesis games donít really make good coasters. Well, Iím fresh out of ideas. Just hope that you never ever have to play this game. Your life will be better off that way.

Replay Value Rating: 1/10

In conclusion, this game is INSANELY terrible! The gameplay is simply mind-boggling. How can such a simple game be so damn hard? The graphics are only lukewarm. The music and sound effects are good treatments to people with sleep difficulties. The controls are, well, simple. And the replay value is simply non-existent. And now for my final thought(s). Anyone in their right mind who plays this game is obviously not in their right mind. I pity the company who made this game. *Looks in the direction of Sunsoft and shakes his head*

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Community review by cdbavg400 (November 15, 2004)

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