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Hybrid Heaven (Nintendo 64) artwork

Hybrid Heaven (Nintendo 64) review

"RPGs are few and far between on the N64. In fact, the only ''traditional,'' turn-based RPG is the festering boil that is Quest 64. Enter the unorthodox Hybrid Heaven, a solid, sci-fi RPG with a Matrix meets Metal Gear Solid visual look. "

RPGs are few and far between on the N64. In fact, the only ''traditional,'' turn-based RPG is the festering boil that is Quest 64. Enter the unorthodox Hybrid Heaven, a solid, sci-fi RPG with a Matrix meets Metal Gear Solid visual look.

Set in an alternate 2000, the game tells the story of a group of aliens who live underground and plan on cloning the President before a UN summit in New York. They successfully do so just before our hero, disguised as one of the foes, enters the frey. Soon you find yourself in a weird, convulted plot involving underground labs, Matrix-like Agents, and Anime-style robots.

Action is turn-based. Your character uses martial arts-style manuvers rather than spells when dealing with enemies. A stamina meter loads up between moves and you are given freedom of movement in a closed space. The longer you let the meter build, the more devastating the move. Battles also feature Super Mario RPG-style quick moves, such as which direction you want to roll if you find yourself on the ground or in a full nelson. Items collected in battle or from cases allow for fire or water-style laser attacks.

The game is divided into separate levels that must be completed before you can advance to the next area. You look for keycards or unlock doors to advance. The game is fairly straight-forward this way. Enemies appear on the screen Chrono Trigger-style, so you can avoid them if need be.

The game supports the expansion pack, and with it plugged in, Hybrid Heaven is one of the best looking N64 games out there. The game also features a 2-player battle mode where players are allowed to load up characters from their memory card and use them against each other. A very nice feature, but it is only in turn-based form.

It's obvious Konami tried hard with this game. It mixes some action elements in with the exploration and RPG combat. You'll find yourself attempting to outrun a giant alien, and avoiding machine gun toting bots.

In the end Hybrid Heaven is a fairly solid effort. Its graphics are slick and it plays like nothing else on the system. Older gamers who bought N64 only for Zelda or Mario should try this one out.

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