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Time Crisis II

Time Crisis II (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation 2
Tags: Shooter, Light Gun
Developer: Namco
More Platforms: Arcade


Staff Reviews

Time Crisis II review

Reviewed July 27, 2006

Brian Rowe says: "The clock is relentless, and the only way to beat it is to get through the walls of enemies as quickly as possible. Like cockroaches, terrorist thugs pour from doorways, pop out of windows, rappel from rooftops, and leap from trees, armed with everything from pistols, to machine guns, grenades, and tanks."
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Reader Reviews

Time Crisis II review

Reviewed January 23, 2005

asherdeus says: "Time Crisis 2 is a simple game, but sometimes thatís a good thing. Iím a simple man; I donít always want to be bombarded with ridiculous amounts of options, puzzles, menus, and storylines that canít be skipped. Sometimes, I just want to shoot first, ask questions later, like Vin Diesel does in many of his films. Sadly, there are few options out there for people like me, but Namco steps up to the plate and delivers with their lightgun titles, including Time Crisis 2. When youíre han..."
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