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Enchanted Arms

Enchanted Arms (PS3) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation 3
Tags: RPG
Developer: From Software
More Platforms: Xbox 360
AKA: Enchant Arm (JP)

Enchanted Arms (PlayStation 3) screenshotEnchanted Arms (PlayStation 3) screenshotEnchanted Arms (PlayStation 3) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Enchanted Arms review (Xbox 360)

Reviewed May 03, 2010

Gary Hartley says: "First impressions can be misleading. Sometimes purposefully so. "
EmP's avatar

Enchanted Arms review (Xbox 360)

Reviewed April 05, 2006

Michael Scott says: "Once known as the Japanese RPG with an odd name, From Software's latest is both an outstanding success, and a bitter disappointment. It's the type of game that screams for more development time, caught as it is in a vapid middle ground, languishing somewhere between "could have been" and "almost was". "
midwinter's avatar

Enchanted Arms review (Xbox 360)

Reviewed July 23, 2010

Rob Hamilton says: "The emperor of one of the game's regions is a morbidly obese, incompetent, cowardly moron who spends his time sleeping, eating and cavorting with his personal harem of golem girls (who appear "Chris Hanson is watching" young) while delegating minor things like the enforcement of his rule to an unscrupulous ninja who only cares about the fate of his clan. It's obvious things probably won't end well for Tokimune, but it's still near-impossible to not laugh out loud during every one of his scenes."
overdrive's avatar

Enchanted Arms review (Xbox 360)

Reviewed September 15, 2006

Zigfried says: "Enchanted Arms doesn't need to be original. It just needs to be good. SURPRISE! It actually is original! If you think the characters are stereotypes, then you've fallen for FROM's fiendish scheme. The dramatic bishounen character designs provide a false sense of familiarity... a familiarity that is quickly dispersed by the designers' humorous perversions of player expectations."
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Reader Reviews

Enchanted Arms review

Reviewed April 14, 2008

OrpheusUK says: "There are not enough RPGs available on the PS3 for my taste at the moment and when I got my hands on a copy of Ubisoft’s Enchanted Arms I hoped that it would fill this unwelcome gap in my collection. In the end though I am afraid it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. Don’t get me wrong, the game is not without its good points but overall it was not the next-gen experience that I was hoping for. Initially I was pleased to see that the game mimics the Final Fantasy style that I like so mu..."
OrpheusUK's avatar

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