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Final Fight

Final Fight (XSX) game cover art
Platform: SNES
Tags: Fighting, Brawler
Developer: Capcom
More Platforms: Arcade, X68000


Final Fight (SNES) screenshotFinal Fight (SNES) screenshotFinal Fight (SNES) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Final Fight review

Reviewed November 25, 2004

John L says: "I vividly recall your so-called final fight through the crimson carpets of Mad Gear's mansion as being one of the most frenzied beatings to ever grace an arcade game, with packs of foes brandishing all sorts of weaponry flooding in from all directions. All the SNES version can manage are a few pathetic posers that are easily jump-kicked into oblivion."
bluberry's avatar

Final Fight review

Reviewed January 13, 2004

Marc Golding says: "Wielding pipes and swords in addition to being able to toss about knives helps keep the gameplay fresh, as your actual hand-to-hand repertoire is limited to pounding one button continuously to unleash a series of kicks and punches before a knockdown is scored. You can also jump kick foes to effect an immediate knockdown of lesser damage. Pressing both buttons simultaneously will have your character execute a spin move that is unique to him. Haggar performs a lariat, and Cody does a spinning kick. Sadly, Guy's spinning kick is M.I.A. along with him, so that the coolest character and the coolest move are lost in one go. "
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Reader Reviews

Final Fight review

Reviewed March 14, 2004

sinner says: "Final Fight was originally released with the benefit of being alone in the next generation (of its era, 16 Bit) beat 'em up field. It started to really suck to be Final Fight when Streets of Rage was released; Streets of Rage came along and made Final Fight its female dog. Streets of Rage excels at making a semi-decent game look worse... Simply put, Final Fight is a sissy in the light of a better game. "
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