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Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (XBX) game cover art
Platform: Xbox
Genre: Graphic Adventure (Fantasy)
Developer: Funcom


Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (Xbox) imageDreamfall: The Longest Journey (Xbox) imageDreamfall: The Longest Journey (Xbox) image

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Staff Reviews

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey review

Reviewed February 08, 2007

Gary Hartley says: "Dreamfall starts off being about one story; ZoŽís search for her lost love which stumbles her headfirst into a dimension-spanning saga. Itís not about one tale; itís about the intertwining of several. Discovering the secrets hidden within an Azadi tower that is being built to touch the heavens, posing as a janitor and sneaking your way through the WATI-corp. headquarters to try and cease a deep-rooted conspiracy, searching for guidance in the forbidden library of the Dark People: this is when the game shines, when it allows its voice to overwrite some of the less appealing aspects within."
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Dreamfall: The Longest Journey review

Reviewed May 18, 2006

Jason Venter says: "As a result, there are plenty of times where youíll be working through an area and the adventure is cut short because someone was alerted to your presence. The circumstances arenít always the sameósometimes youíre ducking around robots and shards of glass, while others you might be trying to let the sound of a train mask your movements from a watchdogóbut the frustration remains in tact."
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Reader Reviews

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey review

Reviewed November 12, 2008

zippdementia says: "Having been a huge fan of Longest Journey, I was excited for Dreamfall. It was one of the reasons I bought an Xbox (now given away). In retrospect, I can't say I disliked the game, but I was definitely disapointed in some areas I never thought I'd be dissapointed in. "
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