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The Suffering: Ties that Bind

The Suffering: Ties that Bind (PS2) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation 2
Genre: Action
Developer: Surreal Software
AKA: The Suffering: Ties That Bind (EU)

Staff Reviews

The Suffering: Ties that Bind review

Reviewed June 08, 2007

Rob Hamilton says: "Hand-to-hand weapons like lead pipes never need reloaded and can cause a good chunk of damage, but, come on! Do you really want to go head-to-head with a gigantic spider-like demon wielding a slew of guns with nothing more than a lead pipe? Going head-to-head with these foes as an enraged monster makes a lot more sense and you will be doing that a lot. In Ties that Bind, it’s a lot more necessary to enter Torque’s rage mode. There are a lot of rooms where his monster form is necessary to smash through walls and a few monsters are invulnerable to everything except being torn limb from limb by a big, psychotic demon."
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Reader Reviews

The Suffering: Ties that Bind review

Reviewed February 25, 2006

asherdeus says: "The Suffering set players into the boots of Torque, a prisoner on death row. One day, Torque accidentally killed his wife and two sons. He didn’t remember doing it, but ignorance wasn't an excuse the jury would accept. Torque was sent to Carnate Island, Maryland. Since The Suffering is a video game, Abbot Penitentiary was the worst correctional facility imaginable. Unspeakable evils were committed there for hundreds of years, but through a bizarre set of circumstances involving gho..."
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