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Half-Life 2: Episode One

Half-Life 2: Episode One (PC) game cover art
Platform: PC
Tags: Shooter, First-Person
Developer: Valve


Half-Life 2: Episode One (PC) imageHalf-Life 2: Episode One (PC) screenshotHalf-Life 2: Episode One (PC) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Half-Life 2: Episode One review

Reviewed July 05, 2008

Mike Suskie says: "If one thing really makes Episode One worth playing, itís the connection to Alyx that starts thin but grows progressively stronger before the gameís three hours are up. In Half-Life 2, she was little more than a forgettable supporting character. In this episode, sheís at your side for the entire game, and provides both a surprising amount of battle support (itís virtually impossible for her to die, so keeping her alive isnít a concern) and a pleasant boost in morale. The Half-Life series has you doing a lot of cool things, so itís nice that someone is finally acknowledging your heroics."
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Reader Reviews

Half-Life 2: Episode One review

Reviewed June 20, 2006

asherdeus says: "I donít like this whole ďepisodic gamingĒ trend thatís hitting PCs everywhere thanks to our good friends at Valve, the creators of Half-Life. While I understand their justifications for releasing segments of a single game in four-hour blocks over the span of a couple of years instead of one whole package that will inevitably spend much more time in development, I just donít like playing through what feels like an unfinished product. Half-Life 2: Episode One has all the polish and s..."
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Half-Life 2: Episode One review

Reviewed July 03, 2007

bigcj34 says: "Half Life 2 Episode One is the next instalment of the Half-Life series, arguably the backbone of the FPS genre, and after the 1998 blockbuster and the successful sequel 6 years later, Valve decided to release Half Life 3 in three shorter episodic chunks to make release times faster. That means you donít have to wait until 2022 to learn about the conclusion to the story. "
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Half-Life 2: Episode One review

Reviewed December 05, 2016

hastypixels says: "I can't avoid the impression that this Episode was rushed to screens."
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