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Drac's Night Out

Drac's Night Out (NES) game cover art
Platform: NES
Genre: Action
Developer: Microsmiths


Drac's Night Out (NES) screenshotDrac's Night Out (NES) screenshotDrac's Night Out (NES) screenshot

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Staff Reviews

Drac's Night Out review

Reviewed August 19, 2006

Sho says: "The place is crawling with ungrateful commoners looking to send our hero back to the grave, not with torches and pitchforks but by walking into him, so Drac will have to make use of his home’s many deadly traps in order to survive. For example, that innocuous switch over on the wall? Pressing it will drop a nearby chandelier on anyone unlucky enough to be standing beneath it. That lever on the floor? It releases Frankenstein’s massive (and hungry) monster, who then patrols the floor in search of victims before returning to his cage. Or perhaps you’d instead care to investigate what lurks behind that painting? A venomous spider emerges from a secret passage behind the adjacent bookcase. Ah, the joys of interior decorating!"
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