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Twinkle Tale

Twinkle Tale (GEN) game cover art
Platform: Genesis
Tags: Shooter
Developer: Wonder Amusement Studio


Twinkle Tale (Genesis) imageTwinkle Tale (Genesis) imageTwinkle Tale (Genesis) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Twinkle Tale review

Reviewed February 23, 2007

Rob Hamilton says: "As soon as the girl enters that mountainous area of the first level, rocks start plummeting from the top of the screen. While they are easy to dodge, smart players may choose to not have their favorite weapon equipped during this section, as it could be quite damaging to blunder into a boulder and wind up weakened after this brief section. Because, with magic-firing mages and gigantic golems providing a gauntlet to pass before engaging in battle with the chimera that serves as the stage’s boss, being at top offensive capacity is definitely desirable. "
overdrive's avatar

Reader Reviews

Twinkle Tale review

Reviewed November 28, 2007

Halon says: "As I was making my way through Twinkle Tale, I was wondering why I play shooters. After all they aren’t the most appealing games. They are extremely basic, often very frustrating and repetitive (especially after spending hours on a single part), and nowhere near as technically advanced as the games that people play today. Yet we still play them. And in many ways they are more rewarding and ultimately more entertaining than anything else on the market, regardless of its graphics, re..."
Halon's avatar

Twinkle Tale review

Reviewed December 24, 2008

wolfqueen001 says: "Sadistic level design will try its best to prevent your strength-conserving efforts. In its attempt to maim and weaken you, you’ll find yourself weaving through a sea of rolling boulders while blasting oozing slime creatures in a castle, negotiating a monster-infested ravine where one misstep will send you sailing over the edge at the expense of health, or trekking through a dark cave where enemies appear infinite and nearly invisible ghouls sap your magical power at the slightest touch."
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