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Drakengard 2

Drakengard 2 (PS2) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation 2
Genre: Action
Developer: Cavia
AKA: Drag-On Dragon 2: Fuuin no Kurenai (JP)

Drakengard 2 (PlayStation 2) imageDrakengard 2 (PlayStation 2) screenshotDrakengard 2 (PlayStation 2) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Drakengard 2 review

Reviewed February 20, 2006

Zigfried says: "If Dynasty Warriors wrote the book on manly brawling, then Drakengard 2 filled a library. By game's end, thousands of ogres, undead soldiers, and knights will fall with blood spraying from their broken heads. However! Fans of the first game be warned: you no longer play as an insatiable madman!"
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Reader Reviews

Drakengard 2 review

Reviewed July 14, 2007

Genj says: "Drakengard 2 will piss off Drakengard fans. It’s your standard bad sequel, but it goes further than that. Developers Cavia actually took steps in the right direction and then blew it. With the tweaked mechanics of the flawed yet beloved original game, Drakengard 2 should have been a worthy sequel and one kick ass brawler. Instead, Cavia implemented other “improvements” in hopes of adding variety and eliminating repetition. The resulting game is an awkward mix of brawling, to..."
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Drakengard 2 review

Reviewed August 28, 2006

goldenvortex says: "Despite the fact that Drakengard 2 has progressed a lot, it’s a boring experience that lurks in the shadow of the original. The gloomy atmosphere, the doomed and melancholic characters and the path of despair that game led you down were unforgettable. The experience of standing alone and staring an entire army straight in the eye was something that sent shivers down your spine and caused the hair on the back of your neck to stand to attention. The ability to leap into the sky and perch..."
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