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Wild Arms (PlayStation) artwork

Wild Arms (PlayStation) review

"It's also great for someone who doesn't want to get entangled in a more-complicated RPG like Lunar, with all the elaborate video sequences and character parts. This is a core RPG. It has most of the RPG elements without all the flash."

Although this game is archaic in many senses, I think it's a great game for the style of game that it is. Considering this game is old-style like the older Final Fantasy games (before the seventh installment), the game seems to hold its ground quite firmly. In many ways the graphics are better than the much newer-released Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. One thing to remember about this game is that it didn't have a lot of marketing hype like Final Fantasy 7, nor did it have a huge 300-member programming fleet working on the game like Square did with FF7. With that in mind, you can realize why some things aren't quite up to par, but overall this is a good game considering where it came from.

The graphics, although lacking by today's standards, are fairly good for their style. I think the main thing you have to realize is that this game doesn't try to give the illusion of 3-D. It's 2-D, and obvious at that. It reminds me a lot of one of my old favorite Super Nintendo classics, Lufia and the Fortress of Doom. Both games are similar graphically. I think it's a nice break from all the ugly polygonal games out there. The graphics in this game at least appear more hand-drawn. For that reason alone, I don't think the graphics really take away from the game too much, unless you're one of those people that has to have a game that pushes the system's limits on output of animated polygons.

The music is decent too, and there are a few good songs on the game. The opening Full Motion Video (FMV) has a memorable tune that may stay in your head for most, if not, all of the game. Nothing too spectacular happens in the game's musical score, but it's not downright crappy or anything. For the most part, you might not even notice it.

And the storyline, although lacking originality, is great. The game isn't so linear that you'll want to scream and then quit playing it. Its story reminds me of many RPG's of the past, so if you miss those games, get a copy of this game.

The game is easy overall. Not too much challenge, especially when you learn the item duplication trick and you can get all your characters' powers maxed out very early in the game.

Wild Arms is fun, but there aren't enough surprises in it to keep you interested. You basically just play the game for how it is, no super-cool hidden games or anything like that.

Still, this is a great RPG from start to finish, and is excellent for anyone that may miss the old-style of RPG's. It's also great for someone who doesn't want to get entangled in a more-complicated RPG like Lunar, with all the elaborate video sequences and character parts. This is a core RPG. It has most of the RPG elements without all the flash. Great game. Get a copy today.

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