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Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War (PS2) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation 2
Genre: Flight Simulation
Developer: Namco
AKA: Ace Combat: Squadron Leader (EU)

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War (PlayStation 2) screenshotAce Combat 5: The Unsung War (PlayStation 2) screenshotAce Combat 5: The Unsung War (PlayStation 2) screenshot

Reader Reviews

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War review

Reviewed September 09, 2005

dragoon_of_infinity says: "Fifteen years ago, there was a war. Left with no other alternative, the Belkans detonated seven nuclear weapons on their own soil to halt the advances of the enemy. A world horrified by this turn of events sheathed its weapons, and uneasy peace settled over the land. However, as of late the neighboring country of Yuktobania has been taking an unusually hostile interest in your country of Osea, and the fires of war are beginning to flame up once again. "
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Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War review

Reviewed April 13, 2010

pickhut says: "After playing through the first few missions of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, I was dead set on putting it on equal footing with Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies. For those that don't know, AC4 is a simple, solid title with good enemy AI, guaranteed to give players a fun time. In those beginning levels, AC5 was shaping up to be a similar journey, with some differences to separate it from its close predecessor. At this point in time, the Ace Combat series hasn't made any huge leaps in any par..."
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