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OutRun2 (XBX) game cover art
Platform: Xbox
Genre: Racing (Arcade)
Developer: Sumo Digital


OutRun2 (Xbox) screenshotOutRun2 (Xbox) screenshotOutRun2 (Xbox) screenshot

Staff Reviews

OutRun2 review

Reviewed February 19, 2005

Jason Venter says: "Though your car flips end-over-end after a collision and lands on the roadway pointed exactly where you need to drive, such diversions cost you precious seconds you can’t possibly afford to lose. While your female passenger looks at you and asks you what you’re doing, or if you’re going to give up, you’ll find yourself mashing the accelerator in frustration, to no effect. But this isn’t a flaw in the game’s design. It simply means you need to drive better."
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OutRun2 review

Reviewed October 04, 2004

Michael Scott says: "The Beautiful Journey... that's what it means to play OutRun2. It's not just blasting down the highway in a red Ferrari Testarossa, the wind in your hair and a power slide on every corner. Nor is it the cross platform journey through time the franchise has made, from its 1986 arcade origins all the way up to its modern home on the fun loving Xbox. No, as relevant as these possible definitions may be, I like to think of the Beautiful Journey as referring to the inner voyage of nostalgia that lays before you. "
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Reader Reviews

OutRun2 review

Reviewed January 25, 2005

pickhut says: "Hey, remember OutRun Europa, Battle OutRun, and *gulps* OutRun 2019?......... Well, AM2 seems to have forgotten them. Or at least they want to forget, which is made more obvious with the latest sequel's title, OutRun2. And who would blame them? I mean, the quality of those previous games ranged from mediocre to just plain sucking balls. So, of course, it's no surprise they want the game to be the followup to the original classic, OutRun. And trust me, af..."
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