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Pikmin (XSX) game cover art
Platform: GameCube
Tags: Strategy, Real-Time, Fantasy
Developer: Nintendo


Pikmin (GameCube) screenshotPikmin (GameCube) screenshotPikmin (GameCube) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Pikmin review

Review date unknown

Zack M says: "In your search to find the ship parts, you must, of course, rely on the Pikmin to help you through your tasks. Up to 100 may be in the field at any time, either following (or fighting with) Olimar, laying idle, breaking down gates, or carrying objects back to their..."
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Reader Reviews

Pikmin review

Review date unknown

johnnythm says: "Kinda like a cross between a Real-time strategy and a puzzle game Pikmin is a game where you play as a spaceman who has crashed his ship on a strage planet, and the only way to fix it and get home to to enlist the aid of the freaky little critters called Pikmin. Appearently the Creator, genius Shingeru Miyamoto, got the idea for this game while tending his garden at home. oddly enough, the way to win this game is to collect your small gang of ragtag pikmin and gather food tablets for them, placi..."
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Pikmin review

Reviewed October 25, 2004

mariner says: "I can't be the only one who has had dreams of hordes of fanatics who eagerly do whatever I say. I can see myself, standing on a platform high above them, row after row of soldiers, knives in hand, slowly chanting my name over and over. Caring about nothing but fervently carrying out my wishes, these warriors will throw themselves at whatever stands in the way of my most lofty goal, whether it be to take over the world or just getting a really tasty sandwich. Give me an army like that and I'd kno..."
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