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Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto III (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation 2
Tags: Action, Adventure, Contemporary, Open World
Developer: DMA Design
More Platforms: PC, PlayStation 3


Staff Reviews

Grand Theft Auto III review

Review date unknown

James Gordon says: "Stealing cars, killing innocent pedestrians for their money, pissing off cops... It's all just standard fare for your character in Grand Theft Auto III."
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Grand Theft Auto III review

Reviewed July 13, 2002

Kieran Greyloch says: "The back of the CD case says ''you'll have to rob, steal, and kill just to stay out of serious trouble,'' and whoever wrote that sure as hell wasn't kidding. You'll be faced with a lot of plot twists and stabs in the back--all of which you'll get to retaliate for in due course."
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Reader Reviews

Grand Theft Auto III review

Reviewed August 25, 2009

bigcj34 says: "The next generation of Grand Theft Auto could’ve hardly arrived at a worse moment. Two months prior to its release the 9/11 attacks changed the face of the world forever. War was no longer just about fighting uniformed troops on a battlefield, but against guerrilla terror that could erupt at any moment. As thousands of workers in the World Trade Centre discovered, working in a white collar no longer meant you were safe. "
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Grand Theft Auto III review

Reviewed March 29, 2004

djskittles says: "There’s nothing like good ol’ fashioned violence and crime, and Grand Theft Auto III has plenty of it. The Grand Theft Auto series became notorious for its violence and “go anywhere, kill anyone” gameplay. While the previous 2 installments had to be played in an annoying and limiting overhead view, Grand Theft Auto III represents the series’ jump to 3D. The jump to 3D can be disastrous for a game series; just look at what happened to Bubsy way back in the early da..."
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Grand Theft Auto III review

Reviewed September 03, 2003

jerec says: "It’s a dark night. People are still walking down the streets, hitting each other, swearing and stealing. You are driving a car you just stole from some old lady only moments ago. You speed into a back alley, get out of the car and climb the stairs to the top of the building. You look down at the brothel below on the other side of the busy street. You load your sniper rifle, zoom in and wait – you know your target. The door opens, and several mafia gang members with Uzi’s flank a bald man. You ai..."
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Grand Theft Auto III review

Review date unknown

jfrink26 says: "Playstation 2 owners certainly have a lot of reasons to be happy this past year. 2001 saw the release of several great titles like Final Fantasy X, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 and Metal Gear Solid 2. While these are great games, there is one title in particular that I believe is Game of the Year: Grand Theft Auto 3."
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Grand Theft Auto III review

Reviewed April 25, 2004

kingbroccoli says: "The setting is Liberty City. The goal? Creating complete and utter terror among its inhabitants. The name of your besieged metropolis alone should strike up images of freedom (freedom and liberty are synonyms you see); stirring mental pictures of a man with no restraints, just doing as he pleases. Grand Theft Auto 3 is indeed a game that offers this to you. By accepting the persona of one of its lowliest residents you’re taking on-board a role that is not just a chance to explore the mysteries o..."
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Grand Theft Auto III review

Reviewed November 23, 2002

ratking says: "Now and then there is a game that comes along that is like nothing else. A game that lets you live out your darkside, that everyone inevitably has. To be able to go ''whack'' some punk boy on the street, or go Kamikaze with cops shooting at you. Pedestrians at the sidewalk are at your mercy. You are in complete control in whether or not hundreds or people may live. And likely you won't let them live. That is Grand Theft Auto: 3. It is rightly rated Mature, as it is based on the darkside of the w..."
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