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SoulCalibur (DC) game cover art
Platform: Dreamcast
Tags: Fighting, Versus
Developer: Namco


SoulCalibur (Dreamcast) screenshotSoulCalibur (Dreamcast) screenshotSoulCalibur (Dreamcast) screenshot

Reader Reviews

SoulCalibur review

Reviewed March 14, 2004

ethereal says: "Soul Calibur wasn't always the Dreamcast's ''best'' game. "
ethereal's avatar

SoulCalibur review

Reviewed March 08, 2004

falsehead says: "For me, Soul Calibur is not just a game; it's a work of art. Even today it still looks stunningly beautiful. It's a game of immense depth and playability. The fighting system is easy for newbies to get to grips with but offers limitless potential for prolonged expert play. Along with Tekken 3, Soul Calibur is one of the most amazing fighting games ever created. "
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SoulCalibur review

Reviewed July 12, 2004

lilica says: "Most competent Dreamcast fighting game reviews talk about this game mechanic or that, as though the reversals of Dead or Alive 2 are somehow superior to the reversals of Virtua Fighter 3. I suppose there's merit to that approach. However, in Soul Calibur's case, the reversal (parry) system isn't what sets the game apart from the crowd. The eight-directional mobility and high/mid/low combination systems (both of which have become 3D fighting mainstays) don't differentiate ..."
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SoulCalibur review

Review date unknown

theredbaron47 says: "Soul Calibur, I thought would never surpass the Mortal Kombat series. When my sister introduced it to me, I wasn't really that excited to play it and get into it. IT looked really stupid, if you asked me. Heck, there wasn't even any blood in it! Little did I know that there need not be blood to make a good fighting game. "
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