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Knight Terrors (Switch) artwork

Knight Terrors (Switch) review

"Knight Terrors is a switch console exclusive that deserves more recognition as it's a true hidden gem."


It was a week before Halloween when I decided to check online for any new horror games coming out. I came across Knight Terrors which was advertised as a horror-themed game. I realized the team that made it, Nicalis, are the team that made such great games as: The Binding of Isaac and Cave Story, and working alongside them was FreakZone, so naturally I was intrigued.

Float like a flappy bird, sting like a brutal sword slash:

Imagine flappy birds gameplay but playing as a Knight with awesome power-ups and health upgrades. Knight Terrors is a simple two-button control scheme game in which you will start off in what is called Ďnormal modeí, where you jump/fly through the air avoiding pillars and slashing ground or aerial enemies simultaneously. It starts off pretty simple but doesnít take long before all hell breaks loose; A plethora of varied of enemies will soon flood the screen, whilst you canít let more then three pass by you or three hit you as it will result in a game over. If that does happen, the game intentionally freezes letting you know you messed up, but I canít tell you the number of times it ruined my momentum and got me killed; It did get frustrating as I racked up the points only to fail.

The aim of the game is to achieve the highest score possible, in which you will receive an award or unlock a new mode after every points milestone is reached. While playing in one of the five game modes Knight Terrors possesses, the power-ups or health upgrades you have unlocked will be randomly bouncing up and down for you to grab, knowing it could possibly mess up your flow and get you hit and ruin your combo, to which I think it adds a nice balance of risk/reward.

I played the game mostly on a TV with a pro controller and It felt fine for good periods of time, despite pulling my hair out at getting so close to a new high score and failing. Itís when I played on handheld that it didnít take long until I started getting a cramp. This could be because I have big hands and tapping two small buttons on the joy-cons almost constantly for five minutes didnít go down well for me.

Horror has never looked so colourful:

Knight Terrors has a great retro look about it and I feel it really adds to the game and fits perfectly with the type of game it is. I really love colours in games and this game is full of a great pallet; From the Knight you play as, to the beautiful changing skies in the backdrop as you progress, to the ferocious monsters, this game is alive and bustling with colour.

Hours of fun, especially for the price:

Knight Terrors is an easy to pick up, hard to master game and with that label always comes replayability. Levels are procedurally generated which means you wonít be able to predict whats coming so it always keeps you on edge and wanting to beat your high-score. Not only Is this game loads of fun, for the price of £2.69/$2.99, you easily get enough bang for your buck.

Is it worth getting?:


Knight Terrors is a Nintendo Switch console exclusive gem. Despite some of the minor problems I have, this is the kind of game that will easily be overlooked as it appeared virtually out of nowhere. If you own a Switch, thereís no reason to avoid this game, especially at such a meager price point.

Final score: 8/10


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Community review by Tobus95 (November 05, 2017)

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